Thank You Nancy Meyer!

Saw a great movie this week – “It’s Complicated” by Nancy Meyer. Finally a movie with a woman over 40,  even over 50, actually 60(Yeah!) in a romantic lead role.  It’s about time! A radiant, amazing Meryl Streep in one of the funniest movies I’ve seen all year.  You’re not only enjoying the great script, with characters who are extremely funny and believable. For two hours you get to spend time in Meryl’s character’s sunny, charming Santa Barbara home.  I wanted to live in that house, be invited for dinner in the cool kitchen, eat her delicious looking food, then sit on one of those cushy slip covered chairs in front of the fireplace.

In Nancy Meyer’s movies, the home plays almost as big of a part in the movie as the main character.  Who doesn’t remember Diane Keaton’s gorgeous blue and white house in the Hamptons in “Something’s gotta give”, or the two homes you left dreaming about in the house swap movie “The Holiday”?    Meyer says “What the characters wear and how they live and decorate really say something about them”.

Set designer John Hutman and set decorator Beth Rubino, once again successfully collaborated with her. The result is a casually elegant Tuscan style home with Belgian influence, fit for a divorce’.  I found these stills from Traditional Home.






Meryl Streep had them add water damage on the kitchen wall, and had the kitchen made smaller to suit her character better. She got involved early on, and had special ideas who the character was and how she lived.


This is a great casual living room with linen curtains, sisal carpet and slip covered chairs.  John Hutman and Beth Rubino mixed high end furniture with antiques and some items from West Elm. The goal was to capture “the essence of Meryl’s character, a woman who marches to her own drum”.

How many times haven’t you been to a movie, and wished your home looked just like the great movie set?  On LiveLikeYou we’re going to have complete design guide with furniture, paint colors and everything else you need to create a home inspired by your favorite movie.


The color palette was inspired by Santa Barbara’s colors, and selected to suit Meryl’s light complexion. Muted earth tones with splashes of orange.



Really relaxing bedroom. Linen bed skirt, linen lamp shads, linen curtains.



It's Complicated Outside Patio

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5 thoughts on “Thank You Nancy Meyer!

  1. I was absolutely captivated by the incredible home in 'It's Complicated', too! Your idea of offering a style guide for people who want to replicate their favourite film interiors is SENSATIONAL! I can't wait until the site is ready 🙂
    Could you please add to the list, and interior style guide inspired by Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette? Not so much the furniture, but the colours and textures. I think they're totally delicious

  2. Hi Carlee so glad you like the idea of LiveLikeYou!! One of the first looks we're launching is actually "Modern Marie Antoinette" a look inspired by Sofia's movie as well as a super cool castle in Sweden. I'm really excited about that look!!

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