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No home is complete without animals.  If you’re not able to have one in your home – you can at least enjoy one on your wall.  These awesome images are by Christine Matthai – one of the talented artists whose work we’ll be carrying on LiveLikeYou.  She took these pictures while visiting a zoo in Germany.

Here is what Christine says about shooting the images below:

“I wished I could say that all these beauties followed my invitation to be photographed in my studio on seamless background. Instead these photographs were taken in the STRAUBING ZOO/Germany as a “sidekick” to my show in Straubing ” THE ART OF SILHOUETTE”,” running through February 2010. There are many animal photography collectors these days and in my case I was assigned prior to the show to shoot a bison for a potential buyer/collector. Of course I got lost in admiration with all these beautiful creatures, that I spent more time in the Zoo then I had originally intended to do. The rest is history… you see the results.”











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21 thoughts on “Animal photography

  1. I absolutely adore these majestic images of these nobel creatures
    They create a feeling of awe and majesty and respect- they are gorgeous, I can see them in a childrens room or a stately library-BRILLIANT!
    Where can I purchase them?

    1. Hi Jenny,
      They do create a feeling of awe and respect! I can't wait to have one of them on my wall. Christine Matthai will be one of our featured artists on <a href=",” target=”_blank”>, which launches in just a few weeks. We'll be carrying a lot of her work there, so you can purchase directly from the site. If you don't want to wait until then you can e-mail us at: [email protected]. Check back soon- I'll be posting more beautiful images by Christine on this blog.

  2. These photographs are an expression of beauty and clarity, wisdom and natural intelligence. The photographer captured the essence of every single creature. She has given us a gift to look at again and again. I love them all!! Each image is a portal into the animal's spirit that leaves me with both a feeling of awe and deep connection. Thank you.

  3. Christine's work is incredible. She continues to show variety and depth in her creativity, as each new series emerges from her imagination. And she never ceases to amaze me with her ability to capture an image, give it life, and make it her own. Masterful!

  4. You should have a show in Aspen , fantastic and brilliant photography!! And all there brothers and sisters are here…. When are you coming and visiting us in Aspen?????

  5. …impressive, the animals show real personality. The vulture would look great as an oversize print on wall in modern interior. Love it! Angela.

  6. These are right away some of the best animal portraits ever. It really does look as though these individuals with all of the self-confidence in the world marched in to the studio to have their picture taken! Please do more of them . liebe, a.

  7. These portraits are surprisingly personal, forging a rare connection between human and wild animal. Christine Matthai has captured a private and intimate moment with each animal.

  8. You have captured the awesome beauty of the birds and mammals absolutely. But beyond that you have established eye contact with each one. And each one is telling us something different. It is why we keep coming back to look at them and wondering what they are thinking and what they are telling us. That quality makes for wonderful portraits in the tradition of the Mona Lisa and demands one's attention.

  9. Of all pictures taken of animals I have seen these are by far the best, they are exceptional remarkable images.
    What strikes me most is the closeness as well as the direct eye contact with the animals. I am already looking forward seeing more pictures taken by this artist.
    On a rating scale of 1-10 I am giving her a 10.

  10. Christine Matthai's animal photography is absolutely amazing. I felt as if these creatures were communicating with me on a deep spiritual level and I carried the images throughout the day when ever I closed my eyes. Thank you for sharing these with me.

  11. My wonderful cat Felix means the world to me .. and there's only one photographer I can think of who could do his beauty, his elegance and the gentleness of his soul justice in bringing all these attributes artfully together and turning them into magic: Christine Matthai.

  12. The photos present a great radiance of the natural dignity of the portrayed animals. It is underlined by the dark background that prevents deflection from the clear and aristocratic expression of their faces.
    IThese photos are very impressing!

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