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I’ve been dying to have this on my blog for a long time.  Christine and I met, back when we both lived in NY and she was a journalist for a German magazine. Although always passionate about photography it took a life change for her to follow her true calling.  And thankfully for all of us she did!  There’s never been a frame or an image of hers I haven’t swooned over.  She is deeply truly an artist…I wanted to do a video interview with her so you could hear her talk about her passion because it’s hypnotizing, but she’s in Europe. Reading her answers you’ll realize the incredible beauty comes from a deep source. Sit down, relax and enjoy!

1. What inspired you to start photographing and creating this beautiful art?

I always liked taking pictures, it is my favored thing to do. Several years ago and due to personal changes in my life I decided to dedicate myself exclusively to my photography, following my calling, which I have never regretted doing.

Lady in Water

2. Where do you live and work?

My house, not far from NYC is rented out. It makes it possible for me to travel, to take pictures and work on my art. I commute between Europe, the US and Bahamas.

H Underwasser wave in red

3. What is the process for your art?

I follow the impulses in my surroundings, capture moments I find interesting and then interpret them with modern digital photographic techniques to depict my personal feelings and expressions of  places, people, shapes and forms.

Liquid Light

4. What is your day normally like?

I like to start my day with either meditating, or reading from works of my spiritual

teachers such as  Joseph Campbell, Eckhard Tolle, Pema Chödrön just to name a

few. If I am not out taking pictures I am editing my work and create art work on

my computer. The other part of my work is promoting it to potential clients such

galleries, interior designers and collectors. The day is never

long enough for me to accomplish what I had set out to do. But then there is the

quietness of the night I like to work on my images.

Image: Spirit Tree

5. What is your favorite thing to photograph?

I love being in nature, to photograph nature, but then I also like architecture

and people. I travel to so many different places and each place has its unique

beauty and energy.

Usually I feel guided in terms of capturing the moment in accordance to my

surroundings, how they are presenting themselves to me and how I feel them.

Griffin Pride

6. What do you hope to express with your art?

I hope to inspire with my work, connect with people through my work hopefully  on a deeper level, provoke feelings and thoughts, as well as show and interpret the diversity, dichotomy and incredible mess and beauty of this planet we are sharing. Besides that, I don’t differ from other artists wanting to sell my work and live off of it.


7. What is the favorite thing about your “job”?

I love being independent and being my own boss. I create what and when I feel like it.

8. If you were not an artist…what would you be doing?

I can not think of anything else I’d rather do then what I am doing. But wait,

writing a book would interest me.

9. Any exciting news you want to share?

Interesting news in my life are that I just returned to Europe after a long

summer artist residence on Grand Bahama. Being back in Germany I will be

meeting with my gallery in Munich while attending the Kunst-Messe München

at the  end of October. The middle of November I will follow an invitation by a

fellow artist women and her husband to photograph the City of Dubai to add to my

POP City series. I am in talks with the owner of a private museum in Italy for an

Exhibition of my work in December.

POP series NYC

10.Do you have a favorite series or photograph you took?

Usually I am most excited about the latest series I am working on. There are two

series from several years ago which are the most personal to me, LIGHT CUTS

and METAMORPHOSES. ( Archive 3 )

These images represent a new part of my life, the beginning of a personal journey

I had not imagined before.


Thanks for sharing Christine.

You can view more of her photography  here.

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6 thoughts on “DEEPLY, TRULY an artist

  1. Your friend Christine is very talented! I am so glad to hear that she followed her passion. And looks where it now takes her – around the globe! How fulfilling.

    My personal favorite is Liquid Light. Almost feels a little retro to me and yet it illustrates the most basic element from mother nature (I assume it is not Vodka!)! I can honestly see that one hung above an old, Swedish gray painted antique.



  2. Christine certainly is an amazing talent. I am blown away by every picture of hers I've seen. I loved reading the interview too because its so honest and gives insight into the depth, not only of her photography, but of her character as well. Thanks for sharing. I want to have one or several her pictures fill a gigantic wall in my house when I build one.

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