A fall inspired look

Looking around it’s hard not to let nature inspire your interiors. Fall is finally here in Virginia and leaves are turning all kinds of beautiful colors.  One of the personalities/homes I’m designing right now for LiveLikeYou is inspired by nature and some of these images.

An earthy, nature infused, modern, fall inspired look.

An orange carpet with an earthy print….

A natural driftwood table.

Fall colored bed linens like these by LULU DK…

….sisal rugs…

White slip covers, dark espresso walls, orange book case….

…touches of zebra.

A pickled wood cabinet from Bungalow 5.

Interesting, modern light fixtures, like these ones from Oly Studio, in the cool kitchen designed by Amanda Nisbet.

Or a dandelion glass fixture.

A four poster bed, in an all white bedroom, with a fall colored bed spread….

…filled with beautiful black and white images of horses by Christine Matthai.

Now I just need a fireplace!

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8 thoughts on “A fall inspired look

  1. Love the feel of all the rooms. Wonderful personality choice. I'm especially drawn to the orange bookcase against the espresso walls with the pop of white along with pizazz of zebra print and the natural wood on the ceiling. LOVE! 🙂

  2. All beautiful…….especially the room with the orange carpet! …and the wonderful horses….magnificent.

  3. I really love the equestrian art and the beautiful color of the curtains in the first photo. And I agree – Virginia has been beautiful the past few weekends!

  4. I just stumbled on your blog, and my heart went pitter patter! Love the colors and the rooms! I'll definitely be coming back for inspiration!

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