An LA week.

We’ve been out in LA for the past ten days. A mixture of work, meetings about new interesting opportunities, seeing good friends, and vacationing. We rented an apartment in lovely Santa Monica with an incredible view of the beach. A great place to also sit and work….

…at least so I thought.

The rental offered wi-fi, but we’ve had terrible or no internet service for almost the entire time we’ve been here. VERY ANNOYING! Isn’t offering wi-fi in rentals these days kind of like having a bathroom? Or am I wrong? So therefore the delay in blog posts!

But anyway our time here has been fantastic.

And staying right at the beach has helped!

Just really crushing on palm trees!

And all the amazing plant life here.  Had to jump out of the car to take a picture of this beautiful yellow tree in Venice.

We had some shark encounters again…

…this time at Universal studios.

No this is not our rental…..War of the Worlds movie set at Universal.

A lot of driving…but it sure beats driving down Route 7 in Tyson’s corner.

Bathroom at the Vicerory Hotel at night. The design might feel a little dated, but Kelly Wearstler is a genius. (Yes that’s me to the right)

Been doing a lot of this.

And going to Rose Cafe. Best breakfast anywhere! Of course had to have a picture in the random yellow couch.

Back in full force again on Monday!

See you then.

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2 thoughts on “An LA week.

  1. Welcome back my friend! You have been missed! Let's catch up soon.

    I am kind of glad there was no internet access. Now you vacationed like a true European = relaxing! You needed that!

    Stor kram i rymden.


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