Sneak peek at some Design Projects

I sometimes wonder where all my time goes, and all I have to do is have a look at some quick Iphone shots and I get an idea. This is a super busy winter/spring where I’m completing work on several residential projects, and starting work on an additional few.  The plan is to get all the work done then take late spring and summer off from private client design work to focus on moving!

Here are a few Iphone images from projects I’m working on.

Two Teen girl rooms. Lisa sent me these Iphone pictures as soon as the curtains went up.  These are from my private label my REGENCY CURTAIN with brown silk border.  A great and chic alternative to custom curtains.

On the new upcoming site (3 more weeks!) you will be able to get these in a number of colorways.

New headboard shape LUCAS, will also be available on the new site.

I just started putting together design plans for a couple from Santa Barbara and France, so we are creating a French inspired, classic, relaxed Santa Barbara look with a modern twist and unusual color combinations.

Curtains, curtains, curtains. Been working on a old beautiful home in Georgetown. It’s getting thick chic linen curtains, upholstered walls in very peaceful beach ocean colors. Some of the rooms will have colored Ikats.

The right curtains I always say is like putting the right makeup on a woman!!

Below is another client I’m working with–

Sometimes small functional changes can be my favorite thing. They can make a big difference in peoples lives.  So many people think their home doesn’t have enough space, but it’s normally because the space is not utilized.

A hallway did nothing….


-A new curtain rod raised it just below ceiling height to make space feel bigger-

-Nice custom curtain in Windsor Smith fabric-

– A new modern light fixture

-Painted stair railing to make it more defined.

-Add a desk, chair and you have a perfect spot for the family to check their mail.


It’s now one of the most used spots in the house. And this offered more space in the living room downstairs.

Finally finishing up work on my project for a family in NYC.

I’m really loving how it’s coming together, they have fun taste and open to take chances which is great.

If you hire a designer the best thing a client can do is trust the designer. It’s the designer’s job to listen to you carefully and interpret your vision, but you in return got to trust your designer and be willing to have an open mind to what you’ve been sticking with previously.  That’s the way you will really get the value for the money you spend on a designer AND get the best result.

Here is a quick snap shot of bedroom BEFORE….

And here is one of my sloppy Iphone shots..

..of what it looks like now.


Completely different.

Can’t wait to get this photographed. Really excited about how it’s turning out!

Planning for a photo shoot in Sweden for my label , so playing around with updates to place there. This is my new carpet the MAZE in cream and orange. It will also be available in my new site.

A NEW LIVE LIKE YOU site is coming in April. I can’t wait to have a FAST website!!

Really excited about how nice and clean and big and F-A-S-T! the site will be.

The products look like this!  I get so excited when I see this because it looks so much better than now!!!

Can’t wait to find time to expand my label.

And if you watch my video blog or follow me on Instagram you know of the upcoming One King’s Lane sale.

Here are some items coming up for sale…

I will post here in the blog as soon as my One King’s Lane taste maker sale is up. It’s items that I loved and some point in my life!

Thanks for letting me share. Have a great week!

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