Week # 5 – Going all out

There were some hick ups this week…

The black Platner chairs we had purchased that were going to be the main accent pieces in the library, turns out will not show up. The manufacturer had been mistaken about the inventory and there are no more chairs available until after our dead line.

That changed the vibe and color scheme and I had to rethink the room.

I decided to paint even the big side wall above the fireplace red and add moldings.

I might add that everyone told me not to do so, the red would overpower and shrink the room.

Everyone expect Sury my office manager disagreed with me, so we decided to go for it. I love it when ideas get resistance…

Samuel and his dad Jose came in again to help out. We created rectangular shapes to go along with existing items in the room and to focus around the fireplace. I decided to keep it simple in case the whole thing like everyone said would be mistake.

While the molding went up, sisters Minnie and Manu came to hang the custom roman shade.

The houndstooth Parrota Domino fabric from Fabricut looks chic and retro.

When they were finished painting I was surprised to see the room felt bigger.

Then again I know that it’s always better to go big in a small room instead of being afraid.

Jose is not too sure about my crazy color choices but I think he felt okay in the end.

The carpets arrived and super cool twig stools…

Can’t wait to add in these beauties from Hayneedle. 

The custom pullout bed sofa also arrived from Monarch Sofas.  They turned it around in no time – so awesome!

I’m really obsessing over the faux plastic and resin animal horns from The Mine. 

Can’t wait to finish this room!


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13 thoughts on “Week # 5 – Going all out

  1. Wow! I used to think about painting my room in red before, but everyone around me said it's not a good choice, and the room may get hot in summer so I dropped that idea. Seeing the room in red makes me feel so excited. Red is awesome! Can't wait to see the reveal.

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