My favorite Designer Secret

This blog post is about curtains.  If your eyes glaze over about the un sexy topic of curtains I apologize.

But I really feel the need to share this.

Curtains are the one thing I continuously see ruin so many people’s interiors.  I often see lots of money spent on a nice big couch, while the windows are often overlooked. They are left either uncovered, or with a flimsy curtain that’s often the wrong size for the window and either blocks the view and light, or lets too much light in. The lack of thought regarding the windows always, always, always cheapen the look of the rest of the design.  Period.

Therefore I always encourage my clients to have custom curtains made.  The luxurious look you get is generally always worth the cost.  However the hefty price tag for well made custom curtains with pinch pleats can easily run up the budget very quickly if you want them for all your rooms.   Therefore  I wanted to come up with a solution. That is the main reason I started designing and developing the best kept designer secret I know – our simple pinch pleat top Regency curtains. I use them for so many of my clients and they are always thrilled with the quality of the look yet for half the price of custom made drapes!

The only problem is I don’t have a store so people can see them in person. The photographs we have on the site simply don’t do them justice!

The pinch pleat top gives it a designer look and the lined backing allows just the right amount of light to come through.

When you use them in bedrooms you can order them with black out liner.

Here they are in my old office.

They are the most versatile curtains because they look chic and elegant in almost any interior.

We now also added them in Natural linen blend color with black border.

Great look for a bedroom, a family room, library, boy’s and girl’s bedrooms.

Seriously anywhere.

They also come in a Beige linen blend with black border.

The curtains take approximately 4-6 weeks from date of order to delivery right now from our site. You can also order them with double width for wider windows.  All the images in this post are of the single width.

I always recommend hanging the curtains as high up as possible leaving just a little room from the ceiling, and wide to allow light to shine in.

The Regency curtain also comes with an Espresso silk border.

This is a snap shot from a client’s teen girl room above.

If you any questions about them or want to know what kind to order for your room. Just e-mail me a picture of your room to [email protected] and I can give you suggestions.

This month we are adding more cool chic curtain designs as well.

Because nothing “cozies” up a home like a good curtain!

P.S. To my dear blog readers…use this code at check out and you will receive 15% off on your drapery order.

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9 thoughts on “My favorite Designer Secret

  1. These are fabulous Jill and i so agree with you about curtains/window treatments, so overlooked. Going to pin these and consider them for a project I am working on currently! Looking forward to seeing your new website etc. All the best to you for 2014!!!

    1. Happy 2014 Cathy! yes it's so overlooked drives me crazy. We set up trade accounts so make sure you have one! xx

  2. Those really are so beautiful! Most of the curtains I have are either the most inexpensive ones from big box stores, or a quick version I've made myself. The pinch pleat and the black border are just stunning, Jill!

  3. Love it! Curtains add so much beauty to a room without having to spend and do much. They're simple yet very fabulous. Agreed, "Because nothing 'cozies' up a home like a good curtain!"

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