The BEST Christmas wrapping & 20% off

Are you busy buying Christmas presents?

Presents that you’ll then buy wrapping paper for, fret over your wrap job, only to have it ruined in seconds? And then on Christmas you’re left throwing away sooooo much paper.

It always makes me feel so guilty!

So I love the sweet new company my friend Jennifer Jansch recently launched Recyclable irresistible fabric gift bags in fun patterns and colors. Now you can gift wrap over and over guilt free.

And if you scroll to the bottom you can grab the 20% discount code that’s good for five days on LiveLikeYou. Tons of bedding and pillows available to ship in time for Christmas!

Jennifer’s adorable daughters Celeste and Cappi are modeling here.

She also does super chic travel bags.


….on Live Like You grab the code for 20% off for a few days.

All the colors on pillows above are some of those available to ship right away.

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