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Katie Kime

Where do you live?

I live in Austin, Texas.


I live with my husband Greg and our kids, Will who is 14, Ava who is 11 and Halle who is 8.

What do you do?

I am the founder of a print based lifestyle company.

Where do you drink your morning coffee?

I drink my morning coffee in our screened-in-porch if it is not too hot. If it is too hot I drink my coffee on the club chair in the living room.

How does your home make you feel?

My home makes me feel calm, inspired and generally restless because I always want to do something new.


How does your home affects you and your family on a daily basis?

Our home is our respite heaven place that we all feel very lucky to have.

What part of your home or space makes you the happiest, and why?

My closet because it is so expressive and bright, it is very me. It is my little getaway.


Have you designed a space just for you?

My closet was designed just for me. I am also currently working on a guest house, while it will host a lot of guests, it will also have an art studio that is just for me where I can getaway and create.

What’s the first thing people say when they come to your house?

“It’s so happy” or “its so bright,” but a lot of times I get, “I would have never put that with that together, but I love it.”

Can you share 3 quick Design tips how to create a space that makes you happy?

1. Trust yourself, we tend to not trust ourselves enough.

2. Do something outside of the box that you normally wouldn’t do or is a little beyond you.

3. Do something that is a bit more reserved and classic something you will not change anytime soon.

Do you have a Design mantra for your home?

My new mantra is, “slow down, slow down, slow down!” Thinking that is has to be done right away is an error but doing it well the way you really want will last a lot longer.

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2 thoughts on “Happy Home Tour – Katie Kime’s Brilliant Home

  1. Amazing – I absolutely love the gold mirror and blue lamps – something I would never put together – but DAMN! it works!!!!!!

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