My TOP 10 paint colors for the BEDROOM (that will help you sleep)

Paint colors. One of my favorite subjects.

While I love bold paint colors in a home (and lots of them), in the master bedroom I prefer peaceful soothing colors as a back drop. The bedroom is your sanctuary, the space you refuel and regroup and gather strength for the following day.  In the perfect bedroom you should be able to close the door and be shielded from the rest of world in a comforting cocoon tailored just for you. Seriously this is where to go all out with the creature comforts.

The perfect wall color should soothe you and help you relax so you can to go to sleep, yet it also needs to be a color that you want to wake up to. Therefore I personally stay clear of black and other dark hues. There are certain colors that are proven to also actually aid you in falling asleep such as pale blues, silvers, pale yellows, moss green…

Here are my Top 10 paint color picks for a soothing bedroom. All colors are from Benjamin Moore.

Image via House of Turquoise

Image via Studio Mc Gee


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One thought on “My TOP 10 paint colors for the BEDROOM (that will help you sleep)

  1. I really like the blue ones but I heard that blue tone colors for bedrooms attract mosquitoes. Is it true?

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