A Beautiful fall room color scheme

Fall is here.

It’s chilly and dark outside and the days are growing shorter.  Finding a great color scheme for a room that feels right in all seasons can be difficult.  Let alone one that appeals to both women AND men.

The key is to select colors in warm and cold color tones that both calms a space down while also giving it energy.

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The room color scheme can include any or all of the colors below, but the gold hue is a must.


You can pair vivid blues and yellows and a texture such as faux fur and shag.

Fall bedding that will appeal to men and women.

Takes Two Bedding in Cobalt & Coffee

Chic yellow swivel chair from Mod shop

Reese Witherspoon’s Draper James store in Dallas (designed by Mark Sikes) shows how well this color scheme works for a summery vibe.

Mimosa Greek Key shag

Shag rugs are warm and cozy underfoot on those fall nights.

Selecting one with a summer color makes it feel right all year around, while also adding sunshine on a dark winter day.

Indigo Mid Century Headboard

A handsome living room with happy yellow drapery sure to beat the upcoming winter blues.

Three chic blue lamps that add a timeless touch.

Lamp //Silvera Lamp//Gabby Home Lamp

Natural woods with blue and gold.

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