Butterfield 8

Anyone seen Butterfield 8?  It’s one of those movies where the interiors are so amazing it distracts me from the story, and after a few minutes I find myself obsessively studying the background instead of listening to the dialogue. Doesn’t mean the movie is not great, everything is just so icy blue and white and “blingy” and chic in the apartment!


Even her lipstick writing on the mirror is elegant…



Impossibly chic just to leave the house…



The pale blue 70’s phone with the antique gold and white lamp…



I love the perfect colors of her coats in the closet. Beige, ivory,pale gray and brown fur.  These colors would make a perfect room! I have to design a look on LiveLikeYou inspired by this film.  Below are some images that could be  a modern day version of this movie.


Interior design: Robin Karp above and below




What a great idea to paint chevron pattern in pale blue and white. A bathroom designed by Mary Mc Donald. And below her well documented office. Very Butterfield 8!



Interior design:  Christina Murphy Interiors



Brown, turquoise and white – a great combination.



Didn’t Domino magazine say if this outfit was a room…


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6 thoughts on “Butterfield 8

  1. It's my bedroom…pale blues, whites and brown. The color combination is very refreshing and calming. I love it. I have never seen the movie, but I NEED to now!

  2. Jill, You really spruced up your kitchen! Just a few touches, and it makes the room, look like you've just decorated it again, seriously! I love the trellis patterned curtain's- very country club, very happy!!! OK, so give us the scoop on the great faux roses? Where did you get them, and how much were they?Funny, last time, I moved to California with my faux flowers (from NYC) my girl friend made fun of me! What are friends for! But I tried to tell her, that on the East Coast they were great for decorating! SO, West Coaster's, please know that not all of us, are lucky enough to have Beauganvilla's growing through our kitchen windows year round, and we do what we can! Even, you couldn't tell until you tried to put your fingernail through my leaves (you know who you are) that they were faux! So, now that I'll be back in NYC , I can use them again! Trick is, they need to be very believable! So, Jill-tell us about the roses in the pic!

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