From useless space to favorite spot…and Giveaway

Hello MONDAY – the perfect day to get your home organized AND the perfect day to win something. (giveaway details below)

Do you feel like your home needs more space?

A common complaint I hear from my design clients is that there just isn’t enough space. Reality is almost 100% of the time is that there is plenty of space, but the home is not being used the right way.  There can be an over sized sectional shrinking a living room, or a giant four poster bed crowding a bedroom, or simply overlooked areas with no furniture at all.

So one of my favorite things to figure out is how to maximize space in a home, so the function in the home works for the people living in it.  One client’s living room was crowded by a computer desk that didn’t belong in there, but they felt there was just nowhere else to put it. However upstairs there was an unused hallway that connected all the bedrooms….

Screen shot 2014-02-08 at 11.50.17 PM

7.UpstairshallBEFORE copy

Enter a new desk, chair, light fixture, custom curtains with curtain rod hung high. A series of framed black and white photography and a paint job on the stair railing and suddenly you have mini office.

Sometimes small changes can have a big impact on how the home is functioning.

Now the point is not some huge makeover reveal with walls and floors done and the whole drill…

Screen shot 2014-02-08 at 11.50.28 PM

Screen shot 2014-02-08 at 11.55.21 PM

… the point I’m making is —USE YOUR SPACE!

Generally — space exists in even the smallest apartment. Just use it wisely, you will be surprised what you can do.

To my delight this little hallway is now one of the most used areas in the house. And it gave the living room a chance to be just that, a living room.

Screen shot 2014-02-08 at 11.55.04 PM

So if you are cramped in your space, look around your home and rethink the use of all nooks and crannies.

Now on to something very Turquoise…

Lovely Erin at the amazing blog HOUSE OF TURQUOISE is hosting a Jill Sorensen TURQUOISE bedding giveaway today. You don’t wan to miss the chance to win so hop over and leave a comment. (I post very early in the am, so if it’s not up yet check back in with her later.)

Screen shot 2014-02-09 at 12.24.15 AM

I hope you leave the winning comment. Good luck!



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