From dreary to cheery-my TV room makeover

When I moved in to my house I painted most rooms, but never our TV room. It’s was beige and kind of dirty all over.  The room has been bothering me forever, and I’ve thrown in all kinds of leftover furniture trying to salvage it.  But this winter I had enough.  Spring is coming – no more dreary rooms.  Time for a makeover!  This room will eventually be my home office, and I want an energetic, modern look.  For now the furniture will have to stay – it’s just  too expensive to get new pieces. So I had to figure out a way to create that without spending a fortune.


First I will FINALLY paint the walls.  I want it to be brightened up so I need a great wall color.  Pink or orange?  I decided on orange.


I decided to use what I call “the best orange color in the world” that I used at a client’s house a few months ago.  I’ve never had so many people comment so effusively on a paint color.  It’s a mix, because I couldn’t find the right tone of orange.

First ONE  coat of this:

MPC0005547-2Grand canyon 118

Benjamin Moore – Grand Canyon – 118 – a more muted terracotta orange.


Jose came over to paint.  We forgot how we mixed it at the previous job, so here we applied the wrong color first. Ooops!   Oh well…we figured it out soon enough.   So…first one coat of the more muted hue, then one coat of this:

MPC0005624-2 antelope canyon 125

Antelope Canyon 125-BM- a bolder orange that would be too much by itself.

(These paint chips won’t look true to tone on your computer.) The bolder orange on top of the more muted makes the PERFECT ORANGE!!  It’s bold, and calm  and sophisticated all at the same time.

The sisal in the room had to go in the dining room, because the dogs had ruined the carpet in there.  So for a new carpet I wanted something that packed a punch and wasn’t too expensive.  And since I’m soooo crazy about black and white graphics lately, I decided to use this fun zig zag carpet from West Elm.  Love the red edges.


I also needed to get rid of those dark, old curtains. Pretty, but I want to let the SUNSHINE in!  I got ivory silk drapes on sale from Pottery Barn.


And bought some black wide velvet band and had it sowed on.



All the furniture from before will have to stay, but I needed some new pillows to go with the new look.  Used some of the samples of my own Marmalade Designs.


Greek Key pillow in orange (Marmalade Interiors)


Greek Key pillow in black & white (Marmalade Interiors).

And for some really inexpensive glam, maybe I’ll add the chair for $20 I picked up at the Salvation Army last week.  It will be redone but will work for now.  I like adding colors that seem like they wouldn’t work.  That’s always how you find the most interesting color combinations.


And voila, talented photographer Geoffrey Hodgdon just took a shot of it.  What do you think?   Not a look for everyone, but it entertains me!   Dreary for sure is gone.

Jill Sorensen

We call it “shabby glam”. For now it remains a TV room, a fun bright one.

Jill Sorensen

…but I can’t wait to turn it into my office!

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21 thoughts on “From dreary to cheery-my TV room makeover

  1. WOW…talk about drab to fab! I think I may need to use this color combination for my front door. And I love the lavender antique chair with the orange…don't think I would have ever put those 2 colors together, but it totally works. The painting is gorgeous as well! I could go on and on…

  2. I think it looks great, and I wouldn't change that chair from the S.A.! It looks fun in there, like you said, unexpected and I think it gives a little "pow" to the room. Very original!

  3. I love what you did here. You are so creative! I think I would have given up. I have a couple of rooms in my house that are just "sitting" there and going nowhere. I can't seem to move on them. Thanks for the inspiration!


  4. Love the transformation! It was great you showed how it evolved one step at a time and seeing the final lovely dramatic transformation. The rug and pillows add a nice bold punch against the pop of the perfect orange wall color. Thanks for sharing, great inspiration. Love the SA chair find btw. xo Laura

  5. Just fabulous…just wondering about paint opacity and layering that bold over the more toned orange– whatever works! I wouldn't think of doing that…love serendipitous result. Definitely filed that in my "orange" folder! And BTW…that pop of purple makes the room!

  6. I really love the concept of the whole room. It turned from something dull into something that is classy and elegant. I also love the colors of the wall. Kudos to this!

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