One Room Challenge – Week #3

Week three. Only the walls and the carpet have been done. Yikes.
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The problem is, every time I go home to Sweden the surroundings relax me so much that I never end up finishing the projects I set out to complete for the summer.  But this time I don’t have that option!

The room has  a great new color, and a fun carpet and we all already like it so much more, but its not even halfway there yet.  Mehreen, my assistant will arrive the following week for some shoots, and she is bringing pillows, so I have a selection I can mix and match and see what will make this room come to life.

But before pillows I need a bunch of other stuff.  The big mission for the week is to go VINTAGE and SECOND HAND shopping. This is a very, very serious business in Sweden. They are the ultimate recyclers, and second hand is the way to go over here. It’s not a trend, its a lifestyle!

2014-07-08 15.53.40 copy

What I need to find :

  • ART for the walls
  • A LAMP for the side table
  • PILLOWS   ( my line)
  • Tons of FAUX FUR THROWS  to cover all the seating with since i don’t have time to reupholster.  I will get those at IKEA if I can’t find second hand.
  • And I need new CURTAINS.

The current curtains are faded florals from Anthropologie that need to go.  I want the room to feel a bit more modern, so I designed a simple GREEK KEY CURTAIN that will be made in India for my label to use in this room. I figured out a design that will be inexpensive and chic.

A simple cotton curtain with lining and with yellow elaborate Greek Key cotton banding.  Can’t wait to see it!

Just hope it will arrive in time from India. This is the pattern.


The yellow I ordered is a rich sun/mustard yellow.  A bit like the daisy yellow that grow in the garden.

Everything around the house is used as inspiration.

2014-06-29 12.54.55 copy

I’m still committed to my sunset color scheme and you can’t have a sunset without some sun! So some of the vintage finds will get a sunny makeover.

We headed in to Karlstad, my home town to go to some of the huge recycling centers.


This is the old stone bridge in town.

Second hadn shopping is serious business in Sweden. They recycle everything over here. Not just furniture, you can find EVERYTHING!!  Old computers, draperies, garden tools, toys, keys, magazines, clothes, doors, really every single item that you need for your life expect maybe tooth brushes you can find here.

2013-07-05 03.22.13 copy

Neatly sorted in the correct area.


soffor copy

We go to several stores like this and I buy all kinds of stuff for other projects.

china copy

I pick up a dresser for my guest house and fall for this random fur stool.

It will have to go in the TV room!

2014-07-17 12.22.52 copy

It’s just so random.

The year before I found this bookcase which is still unpainted in the room.

bookcase copy

Going to these places are a little bit like going to IKEA.

You have a list of what you are looking for, but instead you get distracted and buy all kinds of crap you don’t need!!  You then get overwhelmed and instead of heading to eat meatballs like you do at IKEA, you go have a “Fika” (=snack) in their little cafe and eat some cinnamon rolls and coffee. You get free FIKA cards if you donate some of your used furniture.

My mom is an obsessed recycler. So I always get the free cinnamon rolls!

All recycling and second hand stores sells cinnamon rolls and coffee in Karlstad.

How can you not love places like this?

2013-07-05 12.02.51 copy

On second thought it’s actually scarier than IKEA because you buy even more because you feel you are doing something good, and recycling. And it’s so darn cheap!! (Am I the only one who does this???)

After a couple of days of vintage shopping for the house,  I had filled two full car loads!

But after many cinnamon rolls. Still no coffee table and no lamp.

Back at the house, I started sorting our loot.

photo 5(10)

I bought lots of little paintings of Swedish landscapes. Swedes have a love of nature so there are lots of those around.

I test hang a bunch of them in our new pink room. But until all the items are in, I’ll wait to finalize what art will go where on the walls. This will be saved for last. But its fun to test them out.

2014-07-14 17.28.10 copy

I definitely love bringing in what’s right outside the house.

2014-07-08 07.12.11 copy

I’ve got a long way to go, and I already have a bunch of furniture that needs makeovers.

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