One Room Challenge – Week 2

It’s Wednesday again and One Room Challenge time.

I’m happy to have the the help of my great office manager Emily and intern Jessica to pull the makeover off in time. My work schedule is booked solid and the support is crucial.

The master bedroom has a newly built deck outside the sliding doors with new banana leaf plants and black and white striped lounge furniture soon to arrive.

The plan for the room is something along these lines…


The bedroom is spacious so there will be plenty of seating…and loads of yellow.


I hung a Kelly Wearstler light fixture in the room a couple of weeks back that needed adjusting and fixing..



The bedroom already have this mid century dresser from Midcentury LA.


The bottom part of the wall has been painted a dark tan.


The casing around doors and windows have been painted black.

However… I’m thinking of evening adding even more black trim.

I’m developing my own line of wallpaper, and this Art Deco Arches wall paper in tan I’m thinking on using in here. We are in sample hell, but hopefully it will be sorted out so we can use it in here.


My new Midcentury Modern headboard in navy velvet with black piping was just completed.


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The low slung mid century thing is a new vibe for me but a must for this house…


The headboard comes in a few retro colors, but this house is all about blue so I selected the indigo blue headboard.



The bedroom has a L-O-N-G way to go and things are just being ordered.

But I’m committed to the ORC deadline!

Have a look at rest of the group and check out their fin makeover.s



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5 thoughts on “One Room Challenge – Week 2

  1. Loving the mix in this room, and that light fixture is so fabulous! Swooning over that velvet headboard as well…

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