One Room Challenge – Week #3

We are working hard to get this room done in time.

When design has to be done on a strict deadline you have to go with the flow. This week we found out a number of items I had wanted would not be here in time, so a new plan had to be put in place. It’s like solving an ever changing puzzle.

The painters were here this week and the room is slowly getting an “Empire” backdrop.

The room now has black door and window casings everywhere. Two walls are two toned beige and two walls are still waiting for wallpaper.

This vibe is going on now….

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 6.00.48 PM

Inspired by this…a rap moguls home in Chicago from the show Empire.

Yes, inspiration is everywhere…


The most exciting part of the week was the arrival of my new Jill Sorensen Lifestyle carpets.(@JILLSORENSENLIFESTYLE on Instagram)  The Geo Shag for the living room and this Greek Key Shag for the bedroom. These are the first samples, and I’m super happy with them.

This Greek Key shag combines the bohemian element of a Moroccan Beni Ourain with a more clean modern feeling which is what I wanted. And it’s sooooo soft!

IMG_8384 copy

The bedroom became a whole new room with this in it.

It’s suddenly cozy and warm and inviting even without being finished.


The dogs are particularly happy because it’s like one giant dog bed!


These bedside table I bought last month so they are already in the room.

Screen shot 2015-11-22 at 2.37.58 PM

I needed lamps and worked with super talented Jana Bek who is also doing a makeover for One Room Challenge as well. She has a line of beautiful brush stoke lamps that I wish I could use in the room.  She was able to do a custom lamp color for me in gold with black on top.

Jana sent a picture today and it looks amazing!!


Can’t wait for them to arrive, they will look so good in the room.

The Ander Wall mirror from Basset Mirror company arrived and it didn’t disappoint either. This will be hung as soon as the wall gets wallpapered.


I’m excited to see this come together and grateful to Linda for doing the ORC to give me a reason to finally finish my own home.

The view out the bedroom is improving as well. It used to be a scraggly garden with some old trees, now it’s a banana tree lined little deck by the pool awaiting cushions and potted plants.


Three more weeks to go….

Check out and see how the rest of the group is doing.

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6 thoughts on “One Room Challenge – Week #3

  1. HI Jill,
    I really like your MCM night stands. I have been searching for a pair for my guest room but the ones I'm finding are all so short. What do you do? My mattress is 29" high. How low can the night stands be? Aren't they supposed to be close in height as the mattress?

  2. I really like the stools at the foot of your bed. The lamp is gorgeous – I like the three-toned base. The mirror is absolutely gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing the finished room!

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