The livingroom is getting color

The beige walls lasted almost nine months in the living room.

I guess I’m not very trendy …I can’t live with a “non” color on the walls, it just feels too boring.

After the charcoal wallpaper and blue and white passion fruit curtain came in…


…and the off white soft Geo Shag it became clear that the walls needed a fun color.


The look I want in the room is a 50’s and 70’s vibe.

I narrowed down the colors to these…

795 2062-60

Faded denim and  Blue Hydrangea by Benjamin Moore.


After a lot of back and forth I went for the darker shade Faded Denim.


It’s a fifties inspired blue to me and it welcomes the pool inside.


FullSizeRender(22) copy

It’s definitely more fun to open the front door now.



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