When we bought our summer house in Sweden the interiors were drastically different than they are today.  Ugly plastic flooring covered most of the wood floors, and all the original windows had been replaced with modern windows not suitable for a house from the 1800’s.

In some rooms the windows had even been boarded shut.  In short – depressing. Such was the case with our master bedroom.

It was used as a library and it looked like this….

Before picture Sweden

The room was dark and the windows had been boarded up with paneling so you could not see the drop dead lake view right outside.

We tore out all shelving, added back windows and new paneling to create a peaceful cheerful all white room.

Jill Sorensen Lifestyle

All images by Mehreen Qudosi.

This summer the all white room got an update with a floral headboard DIY (later post) and my new Sunshine Deco Bedding that comes out this week.

It adds a punch of color while the entire rooms stays white.

Jill Sorensen

It’s my all time favorite room to hang out in.

It’s so peaceful and happy.

JIll Sorensenbedding

It is filled with quirky vintage finds…

JIll Sorensen-Swedish house

…such as the weird painting in the lady in a bathing suit.

Close up

…and the daisy lamps from the guest bedroom in the house we sold in Virginia last year.

IMGP0122 copy

The antique gold chandelier got vintage pink and orange shades.

Jill Sorensen Yellow Deco duvet

The design is super simple, really not much in the room,  which is the way I like it over there.

The floor has shag carpets and IKEA sheep hides.

IMGP0107 copy

A simple little corner.

JIll Sorensen-Swedsih master bedroom

The rooms are sparsely furnished which adds to the peaceful vibe.

Not a ton of stuff to clutter your brain.

The windows were added back on two of the walls so we can enjoy the amazing view. We bought old windows from a house nearby that was being torn down

2014-07-08 07.12.11 copy

Why on earth would someone have boarded this view up?

That I don’t understand, do you?

JillSorensen Bedroom

I wish I could take this room with me to LA…

Yellow deci duvet-JIllSorensen Lifestyle

Sunshine Deco Duvet, Mark pillow in Amethyst with Green vintage pillow cases.

Jill Sorensen-Swedish master bedroom

MARK pillow in lavender.

But happy it’s always there waiting for us.

Jill Sorensen Lifestyle-Yellow decoclose up

Do you have a favorite room in your home?




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