What the heck is going on?? Here in Virginia we just had an EARTHQUAKE, A HURRICANE, and now FLOODS!  I’m now officially over all these weather emergencies. Life in Mc Lean feels like some sort of drama TV reality show. The endless downpour has forced all public schools to be closed today, bridges are collapsing and roads are closed all over the place.  This was my driveway yesterday… Yes, you’re seeing it right…A LAKE!

Unfortunately I don’t have a boat…

This is what it looked like when I needed to go pick Luke up at the school bus…IMPOSSBLE! The rain kept pouring and pouring and pouring, so our entire street was closed down due to heavy flooding….

Sorry for blurry Iphone images. This is normally a small creek in the woods.

Now the Potomac River….

This created a roaring waterfall down from the top of the hill behind the house to the beginning of the driveway.

Luke got off the school bus at a friend’s house instead, and I waited two hours before getting in the car to go and get him 5 minutes away.


Chaos everywhere! Every road I tried was closed, it took me one hour to go 5 minutes!!

Yep, you get the picture!

Finally with Luke in the car it took us…. guess how long to get home??


We we’re rerouted in all kinds of directions.

To Tyson’s corner and back again….

….emergency vehicles everywhere…..

But Thank God we had Bubba The Rescue dog in his red rain coat in our vehicle…

…because then we at least knew we were safe!

Did you get affected by the endless rain yesterday??

Hope you have a fun & dry weekend!

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12 thoughts on “CAN YOU LEND ME BOAT??

  1. My goodness this looks so awful! I really feel for all of you over in the northern hemisphere at the moment. I'm hoping you have a wonderful weekend and that the rain clears 🙂

  2. oh, yes! we are now in a state of emergency here in PA. Thank goodness we live on a hill, but our flooding is supposed to get worse as water moves down and the big rivers rise. We had whitecaps in our yard, for pete's sake! stay safe, girl. and luke and your doggy are TOO cute. troopers, i tell ya.
    – {darlene} @ fieldstone hill design

  3. Wow! I had heard about the flooding, but hadn't seen any photos. We're in the District so I haven't experienced any flooding, but am definitely ready for the rain to stop!

  4. How awful. So glad you made it home safe. Too bad Luke couldn't stay overnight at his friends house. Looks dangerous. Hopefully, the weather will improve soon.

  5. What a stressful series of weather events! Your photo's tell the story….and it was provident to have Bubba along for the ride. I can imagine what he was thinking as he viewed the chaos, "I will see us through the whole nasty experience, I am the Wonder Dog, all will be well."

  6. Jill this is just terrible. I am so sorry Mother Nature is being so moody in your neck of the woods. Here in Calif. we had thunder and lightning and rain last night, it is muggy and humid today and this is sooooo not like our regular weather, Strange!!! hang in there sweetie and I hope this weekend things calm down for you alll, Kathysue

  7. Jill, that is awful! I am glad that you guys are safe and I hope that this passes soon.

    What a great picture of handsome Luke and that last picture of Hubba is priceless. (With the red raincoat!!!).

    Thinking of you!


    P.S Hade ingen tid foer blog land i foerra veckan! Men nu aer jag paa hugget igen! Ringer snart!

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