One Room Challenge – Week # 4

For those of you who are new to this blog,  I’m participating with 20 Designers/Bloggers in the One Room Challenge where we have 6 weeks to makeover a room. We have to post every Wednesday.

To get up to speed here are my previous weeks.

WEEK # 1  Design plan & Inspiration

WEEK # 2   – Paint & Carpet

WEEK # 3  – Vintage shopping Swedish style

Now WEEK # 4  –  I had anxiety.  I was feeling guilty for once again during my visit fearing I would not get it done. The room will eternally look like crap, and I will continue to make excuses for it when people come over.

Although a pretty pink now, with a new carpet it was still an unstylish  MESS!!!  The cheap curtains, no carpet pad, no lamps, and and still the laminated $ 5 coffee table that was an emergency solution from years ago  — all  still there.  And none of the fab vintage finds have been painted, and none of the lamps or art have been placed.

And on top of it, it’s always filled to the brim with family members, slipping and sliding on the carpet because I had not even had time to get a carpet pad or even cared to lay it down properly.

2014-07-06 08.47.53 copy


Thankfully my assistant Mehreen arrived from the US with a suit case full of new pillows from my line! It was like Christmas!

And the most exiting part….my new Greek Key curtain design shockingly arrived this week ahead of schedule from India. This is something that never happens by the way, I’m used to waiting for samples forever. Perhaps it’s quicker to ship to Sweden?

Anyway —- I LOOOVE  my new Greek Key curtain!!

The clean lines and modern vibe of the Greek Key curtains cleaned up and modernized the entire space. I was bouncing around the room when we hung these. I’ll just show a sneak peek.


I LOVE the sunny yellow lines in the space. Just a simple linen/cotton blend with sunshine cotton banding.

IMGP0015 copy 2

The curtains gave the room a huge lift not so “country” anymore.


I got a carpet pad and laid down under the carpet and properly placed it where it should be. The funky fur stool got a place in the room right away.

I had no time to reupholster so instead I bought a ton of sheepskin rugs from Ikea. Don’t you love those?

They will take the place of reupholstering.


They will make the seats warm and cozy on those dark winter nights watching movies in here.  In an old country house in Sweden, TRUST ME you need these. There is reason IKEA makes these. Sweden can be -25 Celsius in the winter time!


Mehreen and I went through a bunch of pillows. I needed the color of the sunset.

We finally voted out the pink! Wanted it more moody.

L1010221 copy

Trying to stick to the colors of the sunset right outside the door. Without the black. This room is better without black.

Instead I want to anchor it with grey.


So more sheepskins from Ikea in grey. I bought a bunch of Grey Ikea sheepskins and covered some pillows in them, to instead anchor it all with a softer grey.

JIll Sorensen

Ikea sheepskin, Pottery barn faux fur covered all the seating and some of my new pillows, Lavender Ice Regency, and Sunshine Monogram did the mix.

Sunshine monogrampillow

I just want that fuzzy fur everywhere.

JillSorensen GreekKey drapery

We played around and styled with all the new textiles and faux furs.



Sheepskin, fireplace and firewood.  Perfect for those chilly winter nights.

By the end of the week I felt MUCH better. The new textiles and white fur cleaned it up.

We finally found the perfect coffee table, and a lamp. So next week it’s time for the vintage makeovers!

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