Life's too short for white walls!

Why not start out the New Year by painting a room in your home?  While you can never go wrong with white ( it goes with everything)  it’s simply too boring to live with egg shell colored walls in an entire house.  There is no quicker, cheaper or easier way to give your home a make over than to repaint.  An instant mood enhancer as well.  While I believe you should always live with the colors you like, I think it’s wise to know how different colors affect you before choosing one.  Need some cheering up?  Choose orange.  Need help sleeping? Choose a cool blue or violet for your bedroom.  The way color affects us can also be from cultural influences. But it’s been proven that different colors really do affect the brain and our mood.

Starting in the New Year I’m going to do a color a day and post some great paint color choices for each colorway. But in case you feel inspired to paint right now- this is good to keep in mind.

YELLOW – Creates awareness and clarity, stimulates appetite. Energizes, improves memory, combats the doldrums.   However too much yellow can make a person feel irritable.

GREEN – Creates balance, contemplation, mentally and physically relaxing, balances emotion, creates openness between you and others. Spring green gives you a sense of renewal. Green can make a person in a bad mood worse.

PINK – Soothing and comforting.  Mistakenly seen as a feminine color. My son completely repels at anything pink as it has been overused for little girls rooms.  But great old European interiors used a lot of pink.

Interior design: Mary Mc Donald
Interior design: Mary Mc Donald

INDIGO –  Intuition /Imagination. Increases dream activity. But beware of too much as it can make a person depressed.

Picture 13

ORANGE –  A natural mood lifter, gives joy, happiness, sociability, has a gentle warming effect and increases appetite. However too much orange can make a nervous person agitated.


PURPLE – Encourages creativity and inspiration and promotes artistic endeavors.

Interior design: Emma Jane Pilkington
Interior design: Emma Jane Pilkington

RED – Excitement.  Encourages vitality, energy, courage and self confidence. Stimulates brain activity. Increases heart rate and blood pressure, improves circulation. Not a great color for a bedroom.


BLACK – Promotes self confidence, power and strength. You have to be pretty bold to paint a wall black but with white accents it can be very cool.


BLUE –  Encourages relaxation and health, suppresses appetite. Calms the mind, gets rid of nervous tension. Ideal for sleep for over active kids.  Who wouldn’t want to sleep in this room?


VIOLET – Brings feelings of peacefulness and understanding, promotes sleep, suppresses appetite.

Katie ridder in Elle Decor
Interior designer Katie Ridder in Elle Decor

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2 thoughts on “Life's too short for white walls!

  1. It is amazing how many homes you enter where the rooms are all painted white! Boring! In this time of economic uncertainty, so many people are looking for a way to ''lift their spirits'' and adding a little color really does make a difference. These photo's are great!! Time for me to buy some paint……..

  2. Finally we have an interior decorator who understands the body-mind connection!
    We rush around and lack wellness, let's live as we feel and make room for yourselves. When can I move in to the site?
    Are you taken care of yourself? Fitness, walks in the wood, friendships and family? By adding a lifestyle coaching dimension to your life, and you will live happy ever after.

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