Luke's Bedroom BEFORE/AFTER

First off I want to thank all of you who sent me kind words, encouragement, support and comments regarding LIVE LIKE YOU!!  And a BIG special THANK YOU and HUGS to the following friends and bloggers who wrote some fantastic posts on LiveLikeYou. All the support is sooooo appreciated!!!!  Monika at Splendid Willow, Erica at Studio Ericsdotter, Gretchen Opgenroth, Tanya at Style Studio, and Alena of Oh it’s just Perfect, Angelina Jolin, and if I missing someone else please let me know so I can post your link and a thank you here and on Facebook!! Last week was very intense, and YES I slept a lot this weekend!

I finally want to share some after pictures of Luke’s room….Remember his pale room that was no longer suitable for the big 10 year old he now is? And remember the post about his BLUE BAR inspiration picture? Now how did that all translate in to a boy’s room?

This set up and color scheme had been outgrown. A room for a  4 year old is very different from the kind of room a 10 year old wants.

The soft Scandinavian feel was ready to go Bye-Bye!!

So this room… a COMPLETE MAKEOVER…


THE STARTING POINT – this is what the room looked like.



All the boy’s rooms I showed him bored him. But when I googled BLUE ROOMS and this bar image came up, he was smitten.  How do you create a boy’s room from a bar?

There were a few steps I posted about on the blog. If you care to revisit.

1. Paint color makeover  2. Bed makeover. 3. Chair makeover and debacle


Photography Greg Powers

A bold blue room with black and white graphics, and the much discussed touches of red!

The red chair is still here because Luke wanted to keep it after all. However in the near future it will be painted BLACK.

This is photographer  Greg Powers, who shot the house for DC magazine, trying to get the canine crew to cooperate but to no avail. As soon as he would step away, Lucky would jump down.  Bubba however was taking notes below and eager to assist. But the tiny assistant was not wanted for this picture since he weaseled his way in to most of them!!

The chair from the living room was not supposed to be here as we’re recovering a wing chair, but Luke likes how comfortable it is, so for now it stays. It’s his room after all. The zig zag roman shades add plenty of pattern.

Just wanted to show an after picture that feels like real life. I can style the book case all I want, but it takes only a few minutes for it to look like the before picture. But in my opinion AFTER pictures should probably show some real life? That some of his art work from school on the desk.

SO again, it went from a softer pastel room….

…to a bolder, more modern and certainly more grown up quarters!!!

Luke is very happy with his blue room. And that is all that counts!!

For all of you who missed my house tour and appearance THE NATE BERKUS SHOW. I will post it here on the blog on Wednesday!

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32 thoughts on “Luke's Bedroom BEFORE/AFTER

  1. Love it! I am actually doing a similar color scheme in my sons room and this totally helps me envision and know its gonna be good. Perfect timing with this post, I was actually going to mute the blue a bit but you have me keeping it bright. Love that pop of red, and all the graphic too! So good lady!

  2. Looks AWESOME! Love it. I love that it's very grown up and even elegant, but the power punch of the blue and graphic patterns are enough to keep a 10 year old happy.

  3. I always come back to the first posting of Luke's Bedroom transformation.
    I saw your online clip.
    You did a FANTASTIC job!

    Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  4. Gorgeous!! Perfectly done!! Luke is one cool little dude. I finally watched Nate Berkus…you are stunning! It was so funny because one of my pugs, Porky, was sleeping and as soon as you came on he sat up and I kid you not watched your entire segment like you were holding a steak up to the screen haha. Wish I would have taken a picture. We said "oh I think he likes blondes" LOL.

  5. Gorgeous!! Perfectly Done!! Luke is one cool little dude. I finally watched Nate Berkus…my God, your stunning!! It was so funny because one of our pugs, Porky, was sleeping and as soon as you were on, he sat up and stared at the TV your entire segment like you were holding a steak up to the screen…then after went back to sleep…wish I would have taken a picture. We think he likes blondes LOL

  6. I am so glad that Luke liked that blue bar because you translated it perfectly! It has just the right amount of punch and pizazz. I love it! You were awesome on Nate, I know it was exciting!

  7. I've been looking forward to the afters, it looks amazing!! And it looks like it can really grow with him into his teen years. Beautiful!

  8. You are the queen of lovely makeovers my friend! Luke picked on lovely and talented Mom!

    Warm hugs to you,


    P.S Aaker till Stockholm den 22a maj till 7e juni. Hojta till om jag kan goera naagot foer dig daer.

  9. Jill, Lukes bedroom looks amazing. Love the walls and the pops of black and white!! Great job and I am sure he is thrilled, Kathysue

  10. My 10 year-old son's room is eerily similar to yours!! I love them both! So happy to have found your blog!

  11. I just saw your son's room and it's divine! Fabulous job. Please share the wall color as it's just yummy! Keep up all the great work.

  12. My nephew, Luke, has great taste like his mother. I hope he stops in Miami to see his cousin, Travis, next time you are all there. He lives downtown and could use help decorating his new apartment! And of course, seeing you and Luke would be a wonderful time for him. He works so hard, 7 days a week. Every reason to take a moment to relax is much needed and appreciated. Janice

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