Paint it BLACK

Black was on my mind this weekend…A dear friend who has been like a father figure to me for many years passed away. Getting dressed in all black for his memorial service… I wondered why we wear this beautiful non color for mourning.  Black is beautiful, black is elegant, black is classy, black is subdued, black is striking, black is fashionable, black is sophisticated, black is severe…but is black sad?

Definitely not in interiors.

Image via Atlanta Home Magazine

Image via Luxe and Lilies.

Interior design Windsor Smith.

Image via Atlanta Home magazine

Image via Lonny magazine.

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16 thoughts on “Paint it BLACK

  1. I too, am sorry to hear about your friend—I wonder if it was Rob, a dear person I lost a month ago but Saturday was the memorial service. My late husband and I were married in their garden.
    I love black in a room. It seems to anchor it…..I will take 3 deep breaths and think it through before I grab a can of black paint and a brush, lol!

  2. It was just a crappy weekend, wasn't it??? I'm so sorry about your friend…Heaven has some good people waiting for us!

    Love those black rooms. And not sure about the funerals, but I can no longer wear my fave black dress without it reminding me of the funerals I wore it to.

  3. Your friend would probably enjoy this elegant design tribute. I read somewhere that you should insert some black in every room, as it sharpens and defines the space — so true!

  4. I am wearing all black right now…I am not in mourning, but sad you are Jill.
    I have been wanting to do a black interior for a while now, I feel I need a room that has light though… I love these photos. Maybe in my next house…

  5. Jill, I'm offering my condolences. So sorry to hear about your friend. Other than clothing, I'm not much of a fan of a black room. It's a little to severe for my taste but to each his own.

  6. Jill, I am sorry about your loss.
    To me, black is elegant and respectful, and mysterious. the perfect color for celebrating the divine mystery of entering Heaven.
    May your heart be comforted, sweet girl.

  7. Isn't it interesting what in life gets our minds spinning about color and design? Sorrow, deep contemplation, significance of images and colors and the weight they carry? Fathers and father figures are hard to let go. I hope you feel comfort.

    And, black. I recently painted our fireplace wall black (gasp accent wall) and I'm still deciding if I like it.

  8. I'm sorry about your loss Jill. I hope you and the rest of his loved ones are doing okay.

    Black walls sound so scary, but then I saw the first image and LOVE IT. It's so chic and gorgeous. You've opened my eyes, yet again, to more color 🙂

  9. Sorry for your loss. I too love black in interiors. My livingroom is painted black. I find it comforting. Sounds strange, but true.

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