My new carpets & the tiny "tester"

I’ve been working really hard to expand my carpet collection and this is just the beginning of what’s coming! We are preparing for our first “design” show and pop up shop! Details and dates to come later, but it will kick off in Los Angeles in early fall. I hope you will come visit!

I’m pretty obsessed with these cotton carpets, super durable,soft,  chic, easy to wash and easy to carry around.

(Who doesn’t love to redecorate in a whim? I do!)

Maze carpet-Jill Sorensen

(Maze-Beach House and Maze-Bonfire)

We are testing a bunch of new colorways and samples in the bungalow, and of course as soon as they go on the floor my tiny rescue Chihuahua/Jack Russel mix BUBBA ROCKET (he’s wickedly fast)  can’t resist the urge to sit on them..


…and not move.

Not sure why dogs always do this. Do you?

And forget it if a camera lens comes out, he LOVES to pose!

That’s how he ended up on the cover of the my online store.  How can you resist him?

After all he is a suitable model. I have these carpets in my bungalow which is always crowded with people, pets, kids, and they handle it perfectly!


In case you missed it and are not on my store mailing list this sale is still live until July 1.

I hope you are having a good week I’m off to airport today for some serious travels for fun & work.



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