Where everything's going to be alright

There’s something about sweet, colorful, country style interiors that just screams HOME.  That warm, homey, lived in feeling that makes a home feel like home.  It’s a place that’s not flashy or super trendy. It welcomes you to sit down and relax, and feel comforted and happy.  Whether it’s a friend’s house, your parents house, or your own home…here you can share your troubles, not worry about work, weep after a breakup….okay getting carried away here….but you get my point…

In these rooms everything feels like it’s going to be alright.   Don’t you think?

Most images via Country Living

If I had a bad day I would feel a lot better coming home to this. This room is my new inspiration for our TV room in Sweden. Love the mustard wall and orange table. It’s modern yet not trendy, it feels lived in, yet fresh.

Yellow might just be the cheeriest color in the world…

Some jolts of color and florals await you in this dreamy bedroom.

Would you forget your troubles in here?

Interior design by Windsor Smith

How many of us haven’t swooned over this delicious room by Windsor Smith? If I had tea with a friend in here I immediately would feel happy, actually I don’t even need the tea…or maybe even the friend…This room is insanely uplifting.

Love the pale pink glass cabinet and the sweetness. It would be hard to feel annoyed in here…

Cozy and happy and not trying to be trendy…could you see yourself reading a book in here and not worry?

If you stay over at a girlfriend’s house and she has this guest room?  You’ll get over that break up fast…

Would be fun to be a guest here for the night. Here you’re removed from harsh realities…

Okay this is a lived in colorful home.

The kitchen is the heart of the home.

A meal with some good friends or family, and all your troubles in the big city will wilt away….

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11 thoughts on “Where everything's going to be alright

  1. Jill, I love the gold screen up in the "featured" corner of this page. Do you know where I could find one?

    I love the pink room too!

    I have to send you a photo of a pillow I love love love from a tiny shop in Marin County. The whole store is quite amazing. I bought a bunch of silk flowers there because they were about all I could fit in my suitcase!

  2. I love rooms that have a real 'homey' feel to them – these rooms are all fab. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and your lovely comment – it is so nice to meet you, I've added you to my favourites 🙂

    1. Hej Mon,Igar kvall forsvann 6 weeks of blog posts!! Vi forsooker losa det. Alla design updates alla images och alla posts sedans 6:januari. Sa stressigt. Vi vantar pa wordpress support.Ska skriva en post idag sa alla vet. Tack for din mail.KramarJill

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