My trusted co-workers

Starting a new company and the e-commerce site LiveLikeYou, has been a whole new experience for me. In particular that would be WORKING FROM HOME!!  All day long there are meetings here, people come and go, and there are design plans and drawings everywhere. Most of the time I’m surgically attached to my laptop and surrounded by a crew of inexperienced workers in my “office”.The team behind you is everything when you start something new, so I thought I would introduce you to my trust worthy staff and design advisors who’ve never missed a day at work.

They show up with great enthusiasm for our projects every day—

This is THE BOSS….aka BELLYBUTTON.  (I didn’t name him)  Desperate to keep order in this unruly office. He sometimes begrudgingly has to moonlight as a pet model for our pillow designs.  He works from the basement a lot, because he gets pretty frustrated with the staff around here—-as I said they’re inexperienced…

But LUCKY and BUBBA are always eager to see what the day will hold!!  It’s hard to train staff without previous work experience.   But they’re happy to work in many different positions.  They are fantastic at a few things such as being…

….new product testers!   We need to make sure we have quality products on  Here they’re doing some product testing on Deliante Design’s cool, artistic rugs.  They were very happy with the test result.   As far as I understood it was very soft, “cushiony” and IMPOSSIBLE to remove yourself from, even when repeatedly asked to do so.  (Sorry for the fur Danielle from Deliante).

Lucky is also in charge of a slew of design decisions….

…such as approving fabrics for make overs or design schemes.  Always eager to check out a new design.  She’s quite picky. She is also…

…a pretty gifted art director when photographers come to the house.   (You can see the top of her head in bottom right of photo).  She always tries very hard not to disturb a photographer when he sets up a shot.  Instead here she’s giving gentle art direction to talented photographer Geoffrey Hodgdon.   She had a good day that day, because Geoff spoke “dog”.  Just sometimes a little hard for her to deal with that “personal space” thing…think she might have coined the phrase “aggressively affectionate”…hmmm

Don’t even ask me about the BOARD MEETINGS!!!   Our newest and tiniest, member of the staff kind of thinks he rules things.  And wants to be the big boss and try to control these horrifically ineffective meetings….

…which of course REALLY annoys Bellybutton.  He’s SICK of them not listening.  Can you blame him?? They often get rowdy when we can’t agree!

A few tumbles …

…growls and bites…

…and most pressing issues generally get solved.  This is when I just defer to them.

Why get involved right?

Peanut sized BUBBA, while completely unqualified,  is my hardest working assistant. He doesn’t miss a thing.  Pretty much when you look down—he’s there!!    He never misses a bathroom visit or a knock on the door.   I apologize to all of you he has lounged at getting your pant leg, or barked at when you enter.  He fancies himself a GIANT guard dog…what can I say?  Maybe it’s the under bite.

They don’t teach Chihuhua mixed breeds anything at the shelters.  … But trust me he works REALLY HARD!!

I even receive FREE childcare service.  All he needs every once in a while…

…is to retreat to think through some of the day’s decisions, preferably at the edge of a couch.

But all in all they’re pretty good co-workers.  They don’t ask for a lot of benefits, or a raise.  All I have to pay them is…

…a few daily walks and a bland diet.   And they’re always HAPPY!!! Never ever too tired to…

…give you loving support…

…or lend and ear…

…or a paw.

Hey, what else can you ask for from your staff?

Have a great weekend!!

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13 thoughts on “My trusted co-workers

  1. After such a ravishing review, I would be worried that other design firms will be making counter offers. They may offer more treats or longer walks ;). That was so funny and sweet…you work with a really fabulous team!

  2. Oh you are just like me. I have two little co-workers that "help" me all day. And by help I totally mean eat my fabric when no one is looking!

    Love those greek pillows! Doing something similar for the sofa in my office!

  3. What a stylish group! I like a board of directors that is involved in every aspect of the business…..from the design, to actually testing the furniture. Great!!

  4. We all LOVED this piece Jill!!!!! I personally loved the picture where he is sleeping in your blanket.I could easily say that you are a very stylish beautiful person BUT your staff makes it SO much more!!!!!xo A,D,Z

  5. Funny. My coworker is giving me the google eyes right now to take a break and go to the park. He is SO concerned about me overworking. Isn't he considerate?
    Your house looks great by the way.

  6. Jill,
    Don't you just love a group that thinks your great everyday and they NEVER complain!!! Can't image getting anything done without my beloved golden to keep me company.

  7. Ahhh! I'm a sucker for cute animal posts. This is adorable. I have this hilarious photo of my cat sitting in my desk chair at my desk with this cat calendar hanging on the wall behind him. He looks like a receptionist. 🙂

    What cuties!

  8. After seeing them "on the job" with their work experience, be prepared for a requested hefty increase when review time comes around . You have exposed how valuable they are to your bottom line… how can you refuse? If I were them I'd go for full partership and stock in the company.

    I love them all!

  9. I absolutely love your co-workers and how you share your time and space with them. What better critics than our animals. May I ask what style carpet Belly Button is standing on in the last photo? I like the color and thickness.

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