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Hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend. Our visit over here is quickly coming to an end with only two days left. Before we leave I want to share with you some cool products I discovered while here. (I hope to carry some of them on our upcoming site) At the top of my list is the hip plastic carpet from Brita Sweden (you might already have seen it on my Facebook page). Sweden is one of the world’s most child friendly countries, so when companies create products, they do so with families in mind. And this carpet really confirms that.

They’re a sure fire way to add a graphic statement in a kitchen, foyer or really anywhere! Drop your entire dinner on it? Who cares? Just rinse it, or throw in the washing machine. The company also cares for the environment – the plastic used contains no heavy metals or toxic softener.

It comes in several patterns and colors. I’m of course crazy about the GUNNEL pattern. The largest size is approximately 3′ x 6.5′ and sells for $ 150.

It’s definitely retro and fun.

The ANNA pattern adds an instant 50’s vibe to your interior.

If you live in Europe you can order them here.

There’s fun stuff for the kids as well. These cut out shadow beds from Myrico designs come in a few different colors and designs.

Queenie Bambina bed.

Or beds for big kids…

I love personalized things, and this wallpaper encourages your kid to add photos in the frames of people and things they love. This really teaches someone to LiveLikeYou!

You can try adding it to just one wall in a room. Wouldn’t it perhaps be more fun than a bunch of frames that sit around and collect dust and get knocked over by kids?

Want some privacy but don’t want to lose the light? Or want to screen out curious neighbors? How about these “window films”. Comes in a roll – you cut it in any size you need and attach it to the window. Cheaper than a curtain and very creative. (I assume they’re easy to remove!) Definitely a great solution for anyone living in the city.

They come in many patterns and designs. Don’t you rather look at the shadow of some orchids than the wall of a building?

A lot of you are already familiar with Marimekko from Finland. How many parents haven’t given praise to the chic dining wax table cloths? And their graphic bedding is great for your budget. Because no other design statement is needed when you have this bedding.

Of course this post wouldn’t be complete without IKEA. To see a brand be considered so hip and popular all over the world, and remember when it was just the cheap store I was kind of embarrassed to shop in as a kid , is fantastic. As we all know they have great designs at unbeatable prices. (Just don’t ask me to go there. Can’t stand the maze!) Here are some of my all time favorite Ikea picks.

The TROLLSTA sideboard $ 349. Also looks great in white.

SVEJE, elegant black and white carpet, a 3′ x 5′ for…how much???…$ 12.99! Insane.

DOCKSTA table $ 149. This might be my all time favorite. And, yes–it’s sturdy.

The Arne Jacobsen inspired TIRUP chair in elegant gray. $ 395

The over sized 32″ MASKROS light fixture has made the rounds on lots of design blogs. It’s only $ 89.99 and is super chic in a dining room or a bedroom. The only drawback is you have to assemble it one flower at a time…Then again the “assembly factor” is why Ikea is so inexpensive to begin with!

Hope you enjoyed these designs as much as I did. In a couple of days we’re getting ready for an old fashioned adventure. The last night here we’re staying at Haringe Castle outside Stockholm which dates back to the Vikings. It’s rumored to have a couple of famous ghosts still living there…so stay tuned…

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8 thoughts on “Cool, inexpensive, retro designs

  1. I wish wish wish I had a place in our house for those unbelievably fabulous rugs! Sorry your trip is ending, but it will be great to see you back home.

  2. I love your groovy design ideas…the plastic carpets are a must. I never knew about Brita Sweden before. Thanks so much for showing me a great design solution.

  3. Safe travels and welcome back to the states! I will be doing the opposite route in a couple of weeks when it is my turn to visit good, old Stockholm!

    Thank you for visiting me – so that I could find your lovely and creative blog! I LOVE what you did to that "tired looking" sideboard. 5 stars!

    Let's stay in touch! Babbling desing with a Swede on the other side of the planet could be very fun!

    ox, Moj

    1. How exciting you're visiting Stockholm! Write about it on your blog. I'm heading there today to stay in an old haunted castle tonight for our last night-should be right up your alley…Have a fantastic trip!

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