Hmm…may I make a suggestion?

I hope you all had a great New Year’s!!  I was fortunate to kick off 2011 with a short trip to Miami. I was excited to stay at one of our favorite hotels, The Raleigh.  I’ve always adored the design, the swimming pool, the vibe- it’s so relaxed and inspiring. But there seemed to have been some changes  since my last visit and NOT for the better. So I would like to make a few suggestions….curious if you agree with me….

The hotel website has this photo below, which is pretty true to the way it looks.

Image The Raleigh hotel

Beautiful, retro black & white & red design in the garden.

Image The Raleigh hotel

The swimming pool is the best in Miami, and again looks like it does in the hotel brochure.  Just imagine the design inspiration you could get for the lobby and the rooms from the outdoor design.

They have no image of their lobby on their website, but here is my snapshot….


What happened? I know the hotel likes to have a relaxed, somewhat earthy feel. I’m kind of seeing a chandelier instead of that…artwork?

Is it only me or do you agree this needs work?

The entry has so much potential!

So dear hotel management company, please don’t be offended…I love the hotel, but may I make a few suggestions for your lobby? I’ll resist my temptation for too much color because I know you like it relaxed…

How about a couple of custom sofa’s by Patagonia Trading company? This color or more towards aqua with white piping.

Some artistic crazy chandelier like this would stay in the vein of what you’re doing, but would be way more elegant and cool I think.

A nice vintage Beni Ourani rug will keep it earthy and not too Hollywood regency.

…or an LuluDK bamboo carpet?

An octagon shiny leather ottoman from Patagonia Trading Company….

And some earthy side tables?

Some different chairs…hmm maybe, maybe not, just thinking quickly….

Maybe this…

Couple of cool garden stools?

Image The Raleigh Hotel.

All this would blend nicely with your cool coffee bar in the lobby.

Anyone have any great design suggestions for their lobby? Seriously…I’ll send it to them.

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19 thoughts on “Hmm…may I make a suggestion?

  1. fantastic ideas Jill! I couldn't agree more. What a let down that lobby is! Hopefully the management will listen and you will be invited back for a make-over!

  2. Jill,
    Hope it was a lot of fun and relaxing and you are not having nightmares from that "thing" dripping from the ceiling…maybe it's suppose to be a modern version of a giant cow's udders. Yeah, someone needs to help them!!!

    1. Yes it looks like udders. It really disturbed me. I can't even write here what some hotel guests said it looked like!

  3. Ugh! They really missed the mark with the decor of entire lobby, especially the chandelier. No relationship with the coffee bar which is adjacent to the lobby.

  4. Go for it Jill! I see you were NOT relaxing this holiday but obsessing on redecorating instead. I know how it is. Yes, udders need to go…your chandelier is way more cool. I agree that a couple of Christine's photos would go well in there as well….maybe they'll hire you to do a redo?

  5. Jill,
    You mean to tell me, that the lighting in the lobby, is not the belly of a "milking cow?" Or, better yet, Sheep? Maybe, it's just me, still in Iowa on my Chistmas break- but I certainly agree with ALL of your suggestions! And, not expensive one's at that! Good job, hope they'll listen to your blog- as I always say "YOU'VE got the greatest taste I know, Girl!" Have a grea one! Once again, always love seeing your email address come up, amongst all the other "stuff". Thanks again! Julie
    PS. Favorite hotel in Santa Monica? Beverly Hills? West Hollywood/Hollywod?

  6. Funny, I hadn't read the other comments, but I Lyn had the same reaction? Who wants to see cow udder's,but the Cow's babies?

  7. They should SO hire you!!! I would have walked in and thought it was fine…but now that I see your suggestions…and the room through your eyes…it def needs your touch!

    And as for the blue rooms…you know I love them, since I'm modeling my daughter's new room after your guest room! {heart}

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