My dad took charge of the renovations in the guest house and made it all come to completion this summer.  So FINALLY after six years, yes six years it is pretty much done.

Thank You Dad for stepping in and making it happen! It looks great.

One of the things that needed to be done was to install a small kitchen.

The house is only used when we have guests, but it needed a small place to cook. I had looked at many inspiration pictures and knew I wanted shelves above a small cooking space. I had picked out the IKEA cabinets I wanted, but that’s a HUGE step away from actually figuring out a kitchen from IKEA. As all of you who have tried it know!

We checked out the IKEA website and selected this mini kitchen.

It’s about $ 1,000. I had already selected the “look” pieces such as hardware and cabinet style, but still felt overwhelmed by how this puzzle would be put together. Turns out we couldn’t add the cabinet doors to this, so my dad went to work piecing together a similar design.

He did this quick mock up drawing and e-mailed me!

He came up with a solution that cost only $ 800!! Looked perfect in the drawing….

And it looks even better in real life!!

My dad installed it with a couple of retired carpenters.

I wanted  a picture of him here, but he refused appearing on the blog in work clothes!!

I picked STAT cabinet fronts.

And simple stainless steel knobs.

My dad was also in charge of getting the upstairs sleeping hall painted and fixing the staircase to it.

(These are lupines, they grow EVERYWHERE right now, so I can’t help myself…I put them everywhere! Such a pretty wild flower!)

I added West Elm curtains with shells and a turquoise lantern.

And one thing remains to be done downstairs…..


My dad is against this –why ruin a perfect floor?  A couple of years ago we installed a stone floor, but the stones were not the color they were in the store and have a pinkish feel to them.  And turquoise will be so pretty with the other blues and the blue lake and sky just outside window!!

You can climb upstairs and get up to what will be the sleeping hall….

It looked like this three years ago….halfway done.

This guest house used to be the home of the farmhands 100 years ago. There were all kinds of old, old tools up here.

Now it looks like this….

Only the floor is left to be painted white. I like an all white backdrop! My brother added the floor and wood molding. Love it!

I’m planning for 5-6 single beds in here for sleep over parties. When we were kids we had a sleeping loft where all the kids slept and it was a lot of fun.

Can’t wait to design it!

This week we”ll go out and do some Swedish thrift shopping.

I bought this is a desk and chair I bought a couple of years back.  All the pieces..the chair, the fabric remnant and the desk was not more than a few dollars. No need to even paint anything.

I hear it’s been a heat wave over in the states. Hope you’re all surviving it. I will enjoy the 70 degree weather over here for a couple of more weeks!

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7 thoughts on “AN $ 800 KITCHEN!

  1. Your dad is a great handyman! The renovations he has made is awesome especially when he installed a mini kitchen. That was genius! And by the way, I love the blue-colored desk and chair.

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