Design plans for our TV room

With the kitchen now functional and being the only furnished part of the house I’m eager to finish some more rooms.

The dining area next to the kitchen is being planned out, and I’ve started the the designs for our TV room. Although I haven’t formally selected any pieces this is the vibe I’m going for…

Jill Sorensen TV room

Currently we are building some blue built in kobalt blue bookcases.

I’m thinking about a big 8′ x 10′ sectional like this one. I want to make sure we have plenty seating.

Screen shot 2015-05-10 at 9.59.38 PM

The double sided fireplace is almost finished, although the inside has to be painted black and finished.

We got it hooked up so we can mount a big screen TV directly on it.

The trim has already been painted kobalt blue.


I love it that almost everyone who has come over asks me if I’m going to change the color of the trim since it’s a pretty vibrant blue.

That kind of gets me excited, because because there is nothing better than a design challenge or trying something a little off in hopes for more exciting results that something super safe.

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