I always find that furniture and accessories that you find in web stores are never really done justice until you can see just how fantastic they can look in a room or a design. It’s kind of like when you see clothes hanging on the rack  –– you just don’t know how great they are until you try them on!!

All items on LiveLikeYou I’ve hand picked because they would look fantastic in a home, and you get a lot of “look” for the price. So I’m sharing these images with you to show how great they look “when you try them on” so to speak! They really shine in these spaces!

Alright SPOTTED these….

..amazing Pagoda night stands in New England Home magazine. The Pagoda chests are one of my all time favorite designs. I’ve used it in client’s homes and just waiting for an upcoming move to add them somewhere.


It has a mirrored top and two big drawers.

This capiz shell chandelier has been popular on Live Like You and is available in several colors. A super attractive usable light fixture.

Here Darlene Weir of Fieldstone Hill design used it in a sweet nook in  a room.

Image Fieldstone Hill Design

And the bigger version of the Pagoda Chest.

As I said LOVE this design…


It looks great used in this colorful nursery.

Image source unknown

This super sweet chandelier with beautiful blue beads is finally done justice…


…seeing it in this pretty and fresh dining space. Love the use of two above a table.

Image At Home Arkansas – Design: Andrea Brooks

You know how hard it is to imagine how to use a side table or coffee table? How will it look? Will it match my sofa?

Well this uber chic Cinchwaist table…


…and this mirrored modern coffee table from Live Like You…


…look fantastic in this great room by designer Karen Robert in New York City.

And last…but not least…one of my all time favorite tables. So chic, so cool, you can put it in between two chairs as a drink table, or use as a small side table anywhere.


I found it in In Style magazine in Olivia Palermo’s NYC apartment.

Would you agree, items look so much better when you try them on?

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8 thoughts on “SPOTTED!

  1. Hey, girl, just caught a typo…Darlene Weir writes Fieldstone Hill. I love that vignette!

    Now feel free to tell me my blog booboos–ha! Oh, the list would be long!! 🙂

    I'm also in love with those aqua stools at the foot of the bed in the first pic.

  2. That shell chandelier is amazing, love it. And I just have to point out that naked butt lol…very interesting conversation starter that's for sure. Xo

  3. The design is really amazing. The room by Karen Robert shocked me at first… I thought that is a live nude person in the room. I also love the dining table and the bigger version of the Pagoda Chest.

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