Style cue from Pippi Longstocking?

Pippi Longstocking was and remains one of my ultimate heroes.  As a  kid I wanted to be her, ride a polka dot horse and have a funny monkey sitting on my shoulder, and of course…be living in that big yellow house.  As I watched the old Swedish Pippi TV series for the first time as an adult, I was reminded of the colorful house with a mix of retro styles, colors  and periods.  The story takes place in the thirties,  but was filmed in the late sixties and seventies.  So what you get is a late sixties design interpretation of the thirties…or what is it??  Anyway…maybe that’s why it’s so cool.


HELLO- fun hairdo!  Did you ever wear your hair like that?


This is Pippi’s house Villavillekulla (in Swedish…don’t know English name for it), seen by her friends Tommy and Annika for the first time in the TV series. It was love at first sight for most kids.  It was for me.


You can still visit Villavillekulla today.  It’s situated in Visby on the island of Gotland, southeast of Stockholm. Who wouldn’t want a house like that?  The horse is still on the front steps and you can still slide down from upstairs to downstairs on a rope.


Watching Pippi today I love the color combinations,  pale pink and olive,chartreuse and lots pale gray/blue everywhere.  How cool to do in a room.  Here they play their favorite game “not to touch the floor”.  Even the nicest piece of furniture gets stepped on or hung in.  A game that became very popular with Swedish kids, and horrified most parents!  Hey furniture is to be used for – not looked at!


Her pink bed – where she slept with her feet on the pillow is still in the house today. How many kids didn’t try to sleep like Pippi?


I remembered the mis-matched different colored chairs, and the great big kitchen cabinets.  As a kid you love the fun factor of the house, particularly with the horse and monkey indoors.  I never thought Pippi would one day give me style cues, but I remember….


…when I got the kitchen furniture for my house I wanted mis matched chairs just like in Pippi’s house.  I wanted to give the house a carefree un stuffy feeling.

Pippi’s style must have seeped in to many Swedes decorating DNA.  In America there’s a lot of focus on serene, white Swedish interiors, as well as a more Scandinavian modern style.  Both are beautiful and extremely popular at home as well.  But Pippi’s colorful,  fun carefree house have inspired many interiors — maybe even unconsciously.

Inredning att bli glad av!4

This family’s apartment from the magazine Family Living in Sweden could really be Pippi’s living room as an adult! Don’t you think?

Inredning att bli glad av!jjj

Black and white checked floor and two toned blue cabinet. Feels kind of fun.

Inredning att bli glad av!i

Mis matched colorful chairs.

Inredning att bli glad av!

This is a kitchen you would feel pretty “cool” and happy in. Colors with just enough retro vibe.

Inredning att bli glad av!ttt

Feels like a Pippi cabinet to me.


Pippi and Villavillekulla continues to inspire generations of little girls….

Lilla Villa Villekullaiii

This girl has her own  mini Villevillekulla.

Lilla Villa Villekulla

Even complete with the swing down from upstairs.


Her inspiration can be seen everywhere. In homes, schools, playgrounds.  Maybe we feel that if we design our homes like her, we’ll live fearless, carefree and fun lives, be the strongest person on earth and have pockets full of money.  Sounds pretty good to me.

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13 thoughts on “Style cue from Pippi Longstocking?

  1. Great post! Thanks for honoring Pippi Longstocking and her interior design! I love her as well and you made me want to watch it as an adult now. That and "Alla Barnen i Bullerbyn" – maybe another great post on interior Swedish design?

  2. I actually sleep like pippi sometimes (with my head on pillow tho.) I have a weird restlessness YO YO COMPASS thing going on.

  3. I love this post! I adored Pippi Longstocking as a child. We used to watch the Sweedish version with the English voiceover. My mom found my daughter an American version of Pippi (The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking), and my daughter fell in love too. We love Pippi, Tommy and Anika, Mr. Nielson (the monkey) and Alfonso (the horse) around here! 🙂

  4. This was exactly what I was looking for! I'm setting up a Pippi-Longstocking inspired Family Day Care Centre and I'm going to decorate in her style and collect unique and odd furniture & toys for the kids to play with. I'll set up things the kids can climb on, ride on & swing on and make it heaps fun for them. Thanks for expressing your love for Pippi, I feel the same way 🙂

  5. I thought I WAS Pippi Longstocking from the age of 4. She's the perfect person to show us how to "live like you"! Visiting Astird Lindgren's world is at the top of my life "must do" list! I was shocked and delighted to see a designer pay tribute to Pippi! Thank you for this amazing post.

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