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Summer is coming, it doesn’t feel like  it with the cold weather we’ve had here lately… but it’s coming!  At a lunch meeting yesterday everyone was talking about Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket and other amazing summer places, and it got me thinking about how nice it would be to have a beach house and listen to the sound of crashing waves… What a nice way that would be to spend the summer.  I’m designing a bunch of “online” rooms for LiveLikeYou (it will launch — just taking FOREVER!!!)  and looking at great products and designs.  There’s so many ways you can go with a beach house, but right now I loving driftwood, shell pieces, rugged carpets and the colors of the sea sand- you just can’t go wrong.   And you won’t get tired of it I think.


I’ve seen a lot of  cool driftwood mirrors lately.  Feels like part of the beach on the wall.

ralph lauren home la plage 4

Love this simple rustic feeling at the beach…


Great pale blue chest from Bungalow 5 would be nice in a bedroom.


A good old fashioned rugged and “beachy” blue and white striped carpet never feels wrong I think.


Fresh, modern kitchen fits by the sea I think.  Designed by one of my favorite designers Amanda Nisbet.


A simple slip covered look with a striped carpet and bamboo shades. Love a chandelier made from natural  materials.

jenny_chand_unlit 89410m

Abalone shell  and wood feels right.

White Turquoise and Agate Empire Chandelier_l

Marjorie Skouras white shell chandelier is a masterpiece.


Wicker, jute and slip covers in colors of the ocean – you really don’t need to do much more I think.


Sea and beach right in the kicthen.


I even like all out shell pieces like this beautiful night stand.


Another great design by Amanda Nisbet.  Red accents would be great as well.

yhst-81115173642111_2023_263267480 pablomekis-coralaguainred

Blue coral from Thomas Paul and red coral by PabloMekis.


Driftwood console.  Simple but cool.


Love this more formal blue and white look.  What’s not to like?

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7 thoughts on “The Beach house

  1. Okay…I totally want to go to the beach now. Although, every time we rent a beach home, I am always disgusted by the interior and I tend to redesign the entire home from top to bottom. And wall to wall carpeting in a beach home…just sickens me. Thanks for the post and great images…next time I redesign a beach home in my head I will be sure to remember these photos.

  2. Without doubt you now have me dreaming (in high gear might I add) of that beach house I hope to have some day soon. 🙂 I love Amanda Nisbet, her rooms are so fresh and inviting. Great sources, thanks for sharing such wonderful ideas. xo

  3. I LOVE that driftwood console! Where is it from? I totally share your thoughts — we're off to my mom's beach house in a couple weeks — can't wait.

  4. Such sublime ideas for beach houses here! I can almost feel the sea air in my hair! The beach…. the very best thing about summer in my opinion. Followed closely by gardenias.

    I'm so sorry to hear of your recent loss of your beloved Truman. I know it's very hard. I'll be thinking of you!

  5. I'm in love with each one of those chandeliers. Now I'm thinking of our honeymoon that included exploring Martha's Vineyard on a sputtering moped that had us Fred Flintstoning it most of the time. One of my favorite pie recipes is inspired by pie we had at a little cafe there–cherry cheesecake pie with lattice crust on top. Mmm.

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