Beautiful Blue Kitchens

With all that’s going on in the world today our homes have more than ever become our sanctuary.  Instead of being hooked on the news cycle perhaps instead tackle some home improvements or that thing you have put off for a long time. Considering how much we eat at home in 2020, the kitchen seems the perfect place to start.  The simplest but most powerful makeover is always color.  Pale blue seems to be everywhere in interiors this year, and a blue hued kitchen is definitely a mood lift.

Interior Design: Grace Mitchell from HGTV’s One of a Kind TV Show

A charming classic kitchen with traditional tile and gold accents and white vintage style oven and hood.

Via Life on Virginia Street blog

A more modern look with wicker pendants feels refreshing too.

Interiors: Hibou Design company

A modern farm house look gone blue!

Interiors: Hibou Design company

The palest blue paint in an English country kitchen creates a comforting homey look.

Via Martha Stewart

Blue hues in a panty and kitchen with a fun wallpaper.

Via Martha Stewart

Interior Design: Grace Mitchell from HGTV’s One of a Kind TV Show

White kitchen cabinetry with a blue vintage style oven and hood does the trick too.

Modern grayish blue with natural woods.

Interiors via Addison’s Wonderland.

Glam brass elements feel right.

A darker hue with black tile is super elegant and masculine.

Pale steel turquoise with a bold pattern floor and you’ll never be bored here.

The classic navy/kobalt kitchen will never go out of style.

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