Sweden here we come!

A BIG THANK YOU to Desire’ Green of Sukio Design Studio and all of you lovely people who took time out to come and hear me speak at the Apartment Therapy Design evening. It was so great to meet all of you!! I’ll be posting about it next week!

Today is a BIG day for me…Luke and I are off on our yearly summer trip to Sweden. I can’t wait to see my family, smell the fresh cool air, and do and eat all things Swedish for a while! I don’t care that my mother told me it was so cold last week she wore mittens biking…

I had a taste of what’s to come when I attended Sweden’s National Day celebration at The Swedish Embassy in DC last week.

My dear friend Gunilla Ekberg invited us to the outdoor picnic!ย  Who doesn’t love picnics? Gunilla used to be the General manager at the beautiful House of Sweden in DC. ( If DC is in your vacation plans it’s really worth a visit.)

A bunch of happy Swedes on the lawn!! We had delicious food! It was a beautiful 80 degree evening.

We all sang the Swedish National Anthem and missed home. It’s always moving when you leave your home country to go to events like this. Are any of you from a different country and living here?

This very young Swedish Girl was rocking out to the fiddler’s group. How cute is she?

Luke went on stage and joined the kids from the Swedish School to sing some Swedish songs. He doesn’t go there anymore, but thought since he did once, he would join. “You rock Luke!!!” I wish I had been that fearless when I was ten.

It was a PERFECT night….

…even the cake was perfect! Nothing better than Swedish strawberry shortcake!

The kid’s had pick up soccer games in the Embassy’s back yard. Couldn’t get more perfect…or could it??

Just as I was thinking that, it just got more perfect…

This lovely lady, Karina Gaul came over and introduced herself, and said she is an avid follower of LiveLikeYou and it’s changed her life…or more exactly her house!! How fun was that to hear? I get lots of e-mails from readers which is a blast, but sadly I rarely get to meet the people that follow the blog. So this was a blast!! Hearing that LLY has inspired someone in a positive way is the whole reason for blogging.

Of course I asked Karina to send me a picture of what she had been inspired to do at her house. And I asked if I could share her lovely e-mail.

“Dear Jill,

It was such an honor to be able to meet you in person and have the opportunity to say how much I love your work and your passion for decor. Your take on color has changed the way I see my house and you were my inspiration for my powder room make over.
Unfortunately I don’t have a before picture but it was plain beige, with a classic Home Depot mirror (the ones with plastic pegs)…my husband was quite hesitant with the change but I used your words “it’s just paint!”.
Now he loves it and maybe ready for more colors in the rest of the house.


Here is the picture of her bathroom.


The color isย  Sherwin-Williams Gambol Gold (SW 6690).

Yeah, that right…it’s just paint! But it really makes a difference.

I’ll be checking in from Sweden next!

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11 thoughts on “Sweden here we come!

  1. Jill,

    Lots of fun and lots of Swedish is coming your way! Safe travels my friend and enjoy every second in Sweden! I don't want to see you blogging every day! Chill & relax – we are all here and will be waiting for you when you get back!

    Lovely pictures from the Swedish National celebration day – and how fun that one of your readers approached you! See, – the Jill effect!

    Love to you and Luke


    1. Hi Andrea, the beach bag is a straw bag I bought at a beach somewhere long time ago. So sorry can't remember where!

  2. Wow looks like a fun and special event that hit close to home in more ways than one! So neat to meet someone who is a big fan of your blog..the best compliment and validation that there is! Have an amazing time in Sweden!! Safe travels and I look forward to hearing about it when you return:)
    PS LOVE your top in the pictures above….do you remember whose it is? looks like Calypso.

  3. You rock!!! Your picnic looked amazing, your son is adorable, and love the top you were wearing!!! Have a wonderful trip home!!! I hope you continue to post while your gone!

  4. So good to see the photo's of you and Luke at the Swedish evening! Have a wonderful vacation with much rest & relaxation. Greetings and love to Grethe and all of you.

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