FLYING BY THE SEAT OF YOUR PANTS!!! That’s the best way I can describe my day today.  Spent the day with the group of amazing and talented designers who are turning the domestic violence shelter in to a place, most people would dream of!!   Relying solely on donations from second hand stores, generous people (we love you!) and from the designers themselves, the design would have to “go with the flow” or for my part I was “flying but the seat of  my pants”.   Danielle and I changed our design scheme on a dime when BLISS LIVING donated  beautiful bedding.  Here is a sneak peak from a busy day when a new look might have been coined….SHELTER CHIC!   Before/After photos to come very soon.


Kathy Chassinger shelter director, talented Lauren Liess from Pure Style Home and wonder woman Jennifer Sergent from DC by Design in full speed in the room also designed by Rebecca from Acanthus & Acorn.  I had to leave before it was finished to be the parent reader at Luke’s school  ( I made it flying down in hand but right on the dot. Phew!)   But I hear this bedroom turned out AMAZING!!


Denise Willard in progress of turning the downstairs kid’s space in to a haven for kids. Yellow vinyl seating to work with the bold green wainscoting that existed.  Can’t wait to see how nice it will be.  the ladies working on this were another whirlwind of talent. SO HAPPY FOR THE LITTLE KIDS WHO WILL COME HERE!!


Everyone from Hardwood Artisans hard at work changing the worst looking bedroom in the shelter in to a fantastic mint green haven with fun built ins for a family of five.  They even built a hidden play area for kids in an empty wall space.  Can’t wait to show you next week what it looks like!!


Super talented Raji took on this big living room.  This is the space where all shelter meetings take place.  It will be a living room I could only wish to have.


Lauren and Rebecca also are doing the foyer.   Just giving you a peak of the fun things they’ve put together.  How CHIC!!!


Jose donated his time painting furniture for Danielle’s and my room.   We lost the dresser we had picked out, but found this in the foyer.  Not kidding. As I said I earlier I really meant “flying by the seat of your pants”!!  So we still have some painting to do.  We also lost the carpet, it accidentally got sold in the shelters second hand store. So we’re back in the hunt for a carpet. Got one?


Danielle is testing out the gorgeous bedding from Bliss that was donated for the three beds in the room.


Just a reminder that this is how our bedroom looked, and with a “little (or a LOT)  help from your friends”–a LOT of paint, a lot of goodwill, generosity of spirit…

lamp occhest IMG_0367


…you can really make a difference!   This entire shelter will be  “Bliss” fully improved.  Will show you all the Before and Afters next week.

It’s Friday afternoon-Yeah!   I’m going to S-L-E-E-P this weekend!!

Have a great one!

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12 thoughts on “SHELTER CHIC?

  1. I had a wonderful day…thanks Jill for organizing! It is going to look wonderful thanks to a huge group of seriously talented and wonderful people!

  2. Jill,
    I woke up so stiff and sore Saturday morning…but worth every minute just to contribute. And, it has been such a pleasure getting to know you! Can't wait to see the final after's of the room you and Danielle have created…it's looking so good!!! Oh, and thanks for letting me swipe the pink pillow for the LR…did you catch that? 🙂

  3. YES, yes…yes…paint the chandelier!!!!! I wish I could reach in the computer and help you paint! If you go through with it, please post pictures. I also LOVE what you did with the white desk, by painting it bright orange and giving it the silver details, you gave it a new lease on life. Keep up the awesome work.

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