Sneak peak at my first carpet design…

I’m so excited to show you a small sliver of my first carpet design!

I’ve designed a  line of carpets in graphic, modern seventies patterns. I had such a hard time finding colorful, unusual AND affordable wool carpets, so I decided to designed some.  Can’t wait to add to the site! The first batch are made of 100% New Zeeland wool. Then I’m planning on a line in washable cottons.  I was so thrilled to see this first one. It just arrived from India and it’s SO LUSH AND SOFT you could sleep on it!! This is the boldest design of them all,  and is called the ELECTRIC CARPET because it makes quite the design statement I thought.

This is ELECTRIC CARPET in RED. I immediately tried the sample everywhere.

And you know how the carpet passed the best test of all? I found Bellybutton, our cat, snoozing on it overnight. He had also to my dismay clawed it…but you know what….it still looked great! Just my kind of carpet!

I like it with the green wall and blue chairs. Not for the faint of heart. But I think I might want this carpet in my own dining room. I think the red and gray colorway…

…to go with the chandelier I spray painted red a while ago. Did you see this post?

Ok, sorry just one more picture, I’m just too excited!

It comes in other colorways as well.


It’s fun to see how a design goes from being in your head, to a drawing, then to real life.

I shared these on the blog earlier in the year.

My favorite color ways is the ELECTRIC CARPET – ORANGE!

Orange,gray and white. Great with any color wall. Tone it down with gray or espresso walls.

I of course had to try it in every room of the house.

Really liking it with the purple and lucite piano bench!!

Can’t wait to put them on the site, and put them in a room!!

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20 thoughts on “Sneak peak at my first carpet design…

  1. Wow, those are beautiful!! I really love "citron"! I'm moving into a new house this week and am starting to explore carpet and rug options!! Yours are inspiring!

  2. Jill, your design is going to tug at shoppers. It's beautiful, and I had a hard time choosing a favorite…although I do gravitate toward reds! Beautiful work.

  3. Your carpet looks fabulous! I wish my budget were bigger because I really need new carpet for my stairs.

  4. Stunning– I absolutely love the design– just as I was thinking "Does it come in other colors" I scrolled further and saw my beloved orange! Am already imagining a room around it and the other colorways!

  5. Jill these are really fun loving!!! Great graphic design and fun pops of color, Congrats on your first line of carpets, how exciting for you,Kathysue

    I've been looking for a great yellow!
    Question, have you made a lovely pink? (With a blue-ish tone?) looking for?
    Or a hot-pink? But, a classy hot pink?
    Glad to be back!

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