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2011 is coming to and end.  It’s crazy how fast a year flies by these days. My uncle was right, the older you get the faster time goes…Looking back it’s been a year of change. LiveLikeYou got up and running after endless planning. And of course as you make a plan, it’s funny how it always changes and things come around unexpectedly. As I was designing rooms for LLY and seeing what was available online, something I really desired was missing. Simple, graphic bedding – black or colorful for a decent price.  I’m so glad I created itThe KEY BEDDING has been our biggest seller on the site! I guess a lot of people felt it was missing.  I have two new bedding designs coming out in even more colors, and  as soon as talented photographer Tanya Mallott takes her fab pictures after the New Year they will be available online. Sharing an Iphone sneak peek further down…

Here are some 2011 best sellers:

Navy Key Euro shams and duvet have been super popular.

Key Bedding in black is a home run. Can’t really think of a room I don’t like it in. Modern, sleek, floral, classic. I like simple graphics everywhere.

Black Key shams…guess again you can’t go wrong.

Other bestsellers have been the Regency velvet pillows.

Emerald Regency Velvet pillows.

Black Regency Velvet pillows.

In January we’re adding five new colorways of the Regency pillows that will coordinate with the bedding.

And finally a little Iphone sneak peek at one of the new bedding designs. It’s called THE BANG BANG bedding. A bold zig zag hotel bedding that will be available in four colors.

Shams and duvet. Keeping it simple. It will be available in red, black, brown and turquoise.

These are Iphone images…they look a million times better in person!

In case you’ve missed grabbing my secret santa code JHS15 gives you 15% off on all Jill Sorensen products until New Year’s Eve.

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3 thoughts on “Bestsellers & sneak peek…

  1. Jill the 'big bang' design is so much fun! I can't wait to see the big reveal!

    Sending hugs and thoughts your way every day. Thinking of you both over there.

    xx Charlotta

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