Inside my week

Are you enjoying your summer?

Here’s some pictures from my week.

RE-SHOOT! OH NO! Gordon Beall snapped a cool shot of Bubba who finally had is star turn. This is a little pic behind the scenes. Bubba happily poses for any picture he can possibly sneak his way in to.

I think perhaps he is human, definitely not a dog.

Finally added MY OVERLAY’S to my office desk.


Here’s s sneak peek of how cool it looks.

A West Elm dining table now looks like a chic vintage desk now.

BANG BANG EURO SHAMS in red – LOOOOVE how great they look in Luke’s room.

Can’t wait for the shipment of this new pattern so I can have it photographed!

BIRDARIA sent us these super nice mouse pads. THANK YOU!

Check out their site for cool products and wall art.

My antique lady head from Colombia also got a star turn in a shoot…

Isn’t she awesome even with her broken nose?

BLACK VELVET REGENCY PILLOWS, THE REGENCY CURTAIN, The MARK cotton dhurrie samples getting ready for a client.

And…as Luke got a Mac, Dan got a Mac….

…we are now officially a Mac family as Bubba finally got his laptop.

This little creature just cracks us up all day long. I know all of you who have visited here all understand the power of Bubba.

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10 thoughts on “Inside my week

  1. Oh man I swear my dog is human too. It's almost strange. We joke she was a human and came back as a dog in her second life. I'm loving the overlays on the dining table/ "desk". Can't wait to see the whole thing! I've been dying to overlay something in my house.

  2. Thanks so much for the mention! We are such big fans of your personality, vibrance and color-laden design style. LOVE & GRATITUDE! liz @ birdaria

  3. Just came across your blog – I'm addicted already! Love your O'verlays – I used O'verlays on 2 of my dressers – you can find them here on my blog:

    I came across your blog, because I am searching for the perfect pink for my nursery (had an epic fail with the first pink I had them paint…now getting it redone). I love "Cat's Meow," and it looks great in your office. My only concern is the color I originally chose is WAY too bright – like almost a neon-ish color, does the Cat's Meow ever give off that hue in the light? I am definitely trying to avoid that for a restful nursery ;).

    Hope you'll visit my blog and follow if you enjoy it – we are in the process of renovating our new home, so lots of exciting things to come!

    Brooke <a href="” target=”_blank”>

  4. Love everything that is going on with you! I got the same mousepads from Birdaria! They are amazing. Your lady statue is stunning. I am in love with the old world charm!

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