New Series : Hello FEARLESS home!

My brother Peter e-mailed me an article from a Swedish newspaper the other day that he felt was very Live Like You! The title was “We are the opposite of minimalists”.  It was about a couple in Sweden who refused to have what they referred to as a catalog home. Both husband and wife are lovers of design and share a pretty fearless unusual taste and decorated their home in their own unique way. It inspired me to start a new series to showcase some people who design their home according to their heart…..Hello fearless home!


All images from Expressen

The lamps above the dining table are heating lamps for baby pigs! Who would have known?

They love big colorful wallpapers and mixed lots of vintage and flea market finds with nice antiques.

Typical old Swedish bed with the famous old rag carpets.

The husband came home with an old rusted cart that he found in a river. He turned it in to a chair!

Again, lots of bold colored and strong patterns on the walls.

Bold on bold…why not?

The bottom line is, your home is where you, you should feel free to express who you are, not create something that just fits in. I have to agree with Jonathan Adler, no matter what design style you like…MINIMALISM IS A BUMMER!! Hm…yeah life is definitely too short for that.

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14 thoughts on “New Series : Hello FEARLESS home!

  1. Love it!! I've often called myself a 'maximalist' because I love big bold layered eclectic design and this is just fabulous. I bet these people would be great fun to hang out with 😉

    The only thing is I would be afraid to sit in that rusty chair without a tetnus shot!! lol xxx

  2. hi jill.

    splendid monika directed me to your beautiful blog! i'm on the minimum squad for sure but what i love is NO RULES. there is a freedom in these images i honor even tho i'm not gonna bring more pattern or objects into my own space (too much mental clutter up in here to have it around me too!).

    it's a delight to browse your blog.


  3. Finally someone that's not scared what others think and decorate for themselves! What a relief. Love your blog and if you have time check out mine…I too decorate for myself because life is to short to not surround yourself with things that make you happy. This is your best post ever!!!

  4. Fearless = fun, living life to the fullest, self expression, loads of awesomeness, never boring and i could go on and on. I Love this series!! xx

  5. Bravo to those who follow their heart, NOT the rules! How refreshing! Would love to see a picture of the couple? This is one of my favorite pieces you've done:)

  6. I tip my hat to this couple. So nice not to see the same home designs. Color, unique wallpaper rules. Loved the pink stripes on the wall; not sure if it is wallpaper or paint but this room is gorgeous as is the rest of their home.

  7. love this fun home! But what I love the most is when people decorate with what they really LOVE, even if someone somewhere told them it was "a dying trend," or "ugly" or "too much." Even if I don't love the look…. I think people should surround themselves with the beauty they adore! Great new series, Jill!

  8. Clearing away clutter will let the eye focus on one or two special decorating features or architectural elements. This allows the things that you do spend money on to really stand out. Organizing is a way to get a beautiful house without spending a lot of money.

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