Last minute Thanksgiving ideas


I hope you’re all having a fun holiday visiting with family and friends!

Since I’m a foreigner and possibly the world’s worst cook,  I’ll admit great Thanksgiving recipes and interesting table settings is not my specialty.   But one of my friends, LIBBY LANGDON is a genius with this!  So if you need some last minute inspiration on how to entertain your guests, don’t miss visiting her site for fantastic ideas.  I think you might want to steal some, or perhaps it will be your last minute rescue…?

LIBBY:    “If your Thanksgiving guests don’t know each other try my “Thankful Stone” Centerpiece. When guests arrive have them write one word with a sharpie marker on a simple river rock (from a craft or home improvement store) of something they are thankful for this year. They will write everything, “Mom”,”Chocolate”, “Red Wine”… scatter them down the center of the table and mix in some candles, leaves and moss and you’ll have a great CONVERSATION STARTER as well as a quick centerpiece! We all want our dinner tables to have a little spark!!

All images: Libby Langdon.

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6 thoughts on “Last minute Thanksgiving ideas

  1. Hej och 'happy thanksgiving' to you too!

    Just found your blog via dear Will's blog. How fun that you are going home for Xmas. I am sitting here in sunny and divine Sydney (Australia) missing the darkness, frost and snow like mad and am dreaming of home too.

    Lovely table setting ideas. The 'wishing rocks' are beautiful.

    Ha det gott. Kram
    x Charlotta

    1. Hej Charlotta,
      Glad you found my blog so I could find yours! A Swede on the other side of the world. I always wondered what it would be like celebrating Christmas in Australia. Sure it's amazing. Enjoy the sun!!! I miss home too, can't wait to get a dose of all things Swedish, even the rainy, snowy cold… Vi hors, Jill

  2. Hi Jill,

    So nice to hear from you.

    Lucky you to have tickets for Sweden in your hands! I will not be going until early next year.

    Your write-up in Washington Post was fantastic, Jill! Congratulations. It would be fun to feature you on my blog one of these days. I love your style and can so relate to the mix of old and new.

    A warm hug to you, kram, Mon

    P.S Yes Libby is a genius.

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