I desperately need to visit here…

The holidays are here. Thanksgiving, and next up Christmas. Being Swedish Christmas is my favorite of the two, particularly since I get to travel home and visit my family. Due to the bad economy they’ve canceled all the flights from Stockholm to my home town.  So the only option after we land is a 3 1/2 hour train ride or car ride.

That means we need to spend the night somewhere close to the airport in Stockholm to make the early return flight. Just the perfect excuse I needed to try and book a room at a place I’ve been dreaming about going for a LONG time…Gorvaln’s castle. It’s my hotel “design crush”. I posted about it on the blog before. I don’t know about you, but this hotel castle leaves me speechless..

The hotel owners design many of their own furniture pieces. Adding fun fabrics or finishes. The style in the rooms range from dreamy rococo to a more stern black and white.

Wild rococo headboard with navy velvet and purple…hard to resist.

A dreamy romantic room with pale wood floors and fun wallpaper. And the bed….!!

One of the black and white rooms. I am definitely going to ask for a tour of ALL rooms. If we can get a room I’m sure I’ll be one of the most annoying hotel guests, because I don’t want o miss a thing!!

I had this room on the blog before. Great color combinations!!

Dreamy wallpaper.

I think this is one of the new bedrooms, and the most photographed with a ornate silver headboard.

Super cool.

Getting in the Christmas spirit.

This image and the two following are from a Swedish wedding magazine that did a shoot there. Check out that nice wallpaper and the gray tweed on the antique chairs. All the colorways are superb.

Not a bad place to get married.

Hopefully this will be me in a few weeks lounging on a fancy ornate bed with a fun feather lamp in the background…

…having just arrived in from a cold, snowy walk around the property….


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5 thoughts on “I desperately need to visit here…

  1. This is a good thing that the hotel designs their own furniture. With this, they can be able to customize their pieces. Thanks a lot for sharing such creative photos. I like the details of every photos. Great job.

  2. Jill,
    I truly hope you get to stay here! And, if you do take a ton of pictures. Oh, do you think you have room in your luggage to sneak out one of those gilt chairs with the aqua damask!?

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