Isn't this ironic?

Just as I posted a couple of days ago, that I’m doing too much of this…sitting at my desk working on the computer…

…and then…sitting at my desk working on the computer some more…

I woke up yesterday morning in EXTREME PAIN and could not move my right arm.

So I found myself here….

Thank God for Hilary Granat at CORE PHYSICAL THERAPY in DC.

Pinched nerve in my neck and inflamed rotator cuff. OUCH!!!  If it was not that I’m going on vacation and flying to Europe in a few days,  and it didn’t hurt like #$$%%&*&%%$,I might not be so concerned. Because a few weeks of treatment, ice and rest I know Hilary will have me good to go, like she did after a car accident two years ago.

If anyone of you have back pain, neck pain, as you know the computer can be your worst enemy.

But I will follow Hilary’s super short tips THAT I WILL RELIGIOUSLY FOLLOW from now on!! Promise. You might want to do this too!

Please share any good PT’s, chiropractors, massage therapist, acupuncturists in your town in comment section, or e-mail me, and I will add to post. It might just help someone in your home town!!

Here are some of my “saviors”.

Old Dominion Chiropractic, Mc Lean 703-760-7606

Dawit Assafa, Alexandria – Acupuncturist

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7 thoughts on “Isn't this ironic?

  1. Thanks for the reminders. Desk work plus a lot of strenuous workouts have given me back pain lately and I really need to be careful. Hope you feel better and countdown the days to that vacation!

  2. I see Jeff at CORE. He's great too. I have been to a few places for PT over the years and I'd recommend the folks at CORE to anymore.

  3. Oh no…hope you get better soon. I have a massage scheduled for tomorrow:). some of the doctors where I work have a pop-up that tells them its time to stretch. I'm going to do this too on my computer. Also putting a small mirror on top of your screen help remind you that when you can't see your eyes means you are slouching and not sitting correctly.
    Jill, Would love your feedback on a little project over on my blog. You always have great ideas.

  4. I feel your pain girl. Sometimes my "mouse" arm goes numb and throbs. I have to put a pillow under it. The pain goes up to my shoulder also….not fun. Hope it's better soon!

  5. Hi Jill! Wow, I GET what you're going through! For years, I saw every kind of specialist in the world- seriously- doctor's, chiro's, rolphers, massage therapist's, along with healer's…you name it and nothing was really going to be effective until "I" slowed down & lessened the stress myself. Slowing down was the hardest thing for me to do (being hyper-active, as you know me to be) BUT, I finally GOT it!
    I drive slower, move slower, talk slower & it helped my entire life!
    For me, if I use my computer & it's NOT on a desk, (say it's lower than my stomach),
    I'm usually crouched over, which then lends me to breathe from my neck up- not really getting the enough oxygen, WHICH inevitably cause's my neck to cramp up, causing knots, etc. So, no more working on my computer in bed (now I put a chair next to my bed, if need be). Thank you for your share, I think there will be many people who relate! hope you are well, OTHER than that:~) Jules

  6. I remember the times when I was still working in a corporate. Back pains, shoulder pains.. Need to do breaks sometime. And also, have some time to go on a therapist in a salon or spa and have them massage you specially your back.

  7. I recall the occasions after i was still being your corporate. Back pains, shoulder pains.. Have to do breaks sometime. As well as, possess some time to take a counselor inside a salon or spa and also have them massage you specifically the back.

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