Inside my week…

I had an “audition interview” to host a HGTV show this week. I was asked to not only share what I do, also film some B-roll of what I talked about. After gesticulating wildly, (why do I talk with my hands?) Lily filmed with the flip camera, and I snapped some Iphone pics of stuff.

Interview…on speaker phone to LA while being taped. Damn, wish I had a live in hair stylist and could sleep 8 hours a night.

My week?

It’s starts at 6.30am every morning…

This is 7.15am coming back from dropping Luke at school bus. I put the cereal on the dog outside door to unlock the door.

Then it’s wayyyy too much of this….

At the computer endless amount of hours.

Looking at fabrics, and colors, and mood boards, and patterns….

And it’s a HECK of a lot of this….

Matching fabric, to wallpapers to samples….

Looking at the new patterns we are developing for my cotton dhurrie line…

This has already been changed…

Then fabric sample arrived for foyer chair…

Finally got the Bamboozle sample…

Then the distance viewing…I always have to step far away to make selections. I want to see  EVERYTHING far and near.

Crap, too much to do…. I’ll deal with this later….like everything in my own space. Have a few weeks to the shoot.

Then off to a client/friend….

..caught off guard with the striking beauty of the Nickel start burst mirror I selected for her fireplace last year.

Makes me happy.

And this Ring Sconce from LiveLikeYou looks amazing…

Yes, good call from both of us.

Then more harried stuff at the desk…

Yes, still have not finished my office.

I’m trying, really trying to do it all with a dose of humor….

And if it had not been for the audition or having to leave my office, I would have been in cut off jeans, sweat shirt and my glasses!

What do you do in your week at work?

I would love to see someone share their week…hmm perhaps a new series.

Thanks for baring with me sharing my day, I’ll be completely focused on writing some useful stuff when I’m out of this insanely busy period.

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9 thoughts on “Inside my week…

  1. Great blog post! I can feel your stress all the way to here! But please, you look absolutely STUNNING every day no matter what time of day it is!

  2. Hahaha…I love the hairband accessory, it's my main one too. And boy do I know your usual ensemble…I love to see you in this though :). Call me whenever you get a chance…we've been crazy busy the past few weekends. xx Danielle

  3. this is great! I don't think you'd want to see what I do all week. sitting at a desk working from 9 – 5 :/ BORING. But no regrets, I'm still looking for my Element ;o) Thanks for sharing!

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