Birthday at the Santa Monica Pier!

Yesterday we celebrated Luke’s 9th birthday at the Santa Monica Pier. For his birthday he wanted no gifts just unlimited rides on the roller coaster and the dragon.  A place where people have been entertaining themselves for a L-O-N-G time!


Santa Monica Pier 1923


Yesterday we were going to CONQUER this!


Two very eager boys, Luke and his friend John, waiting an extra long time in line to get to ride in the very front of the roller coaster.


My friend Julie and I, a lot less eager…

(Asked the hotel to scan the funny image we got from the ride, but they couldn’t. Bummer.)


As the sun was setting we headed to the beach for Luke’s favorite pass time.


Digging for sand crabs.

We’re staying at a really cute hotel in Hotel Oceana in Santa Monica   It used to be an apartment hotel where I lived every time I came out to here for work.  A couple of years they gave it a complete makeover and upgrade, and today it’s a charming full service hotel. Very cute, beach style design.


Part of the Oceana Lounge facing the beach.


Here are a couple of images I took myself. It’s just as sweet as their website if not better. Love the old bathing suits on the wall.


The breakfast/dining area.


Here is the breakfast bar. Image from their website.


One of the many cheerful bedrooms.

Courtesy of

For those breezier beach nights- a fire is always going down by the pool.

In a couple of days we’re moving in to another hotel I love.  A lot less “beachy”, more old world Hollywood…I’ll post some images when we get there.

Have a great time until then!

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4 thoughts on “Birthday at the Santa Monica Pier!

  1. So good to see the photo's!

    Looks like Luke had a great birthday celebration. Please wish him a belated "Happy Birthday" from me. I too liked the hotel interiors with the old bathing suits framed on the wall….. very fun. Glad to know that you have lost the vertigo. Enjoy the time there & love to all.

  2. Happy Birthday to Luke! I would never have gone on those roller coasters!
    Looks kike a lovely vacation place to be!

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