The Power of Purple

I have to admit I hated purple for a long time. I disliked it in interiors, and avoided it like the plague in clothing after Isaac Mizrahi stated somewhere that “lavender ages you”!! But I’ve made a complete turnaround and I’m thinking of purple for my l-o-n-g overdue living room design. Sometimes said to invoke dreaming if used in a bedroom, I think purple is one of the most powerful and glamorous colors around.

Painting their tiny apartment in NYC (via House Beautiful) was a bold, perfect choice.

Designed by Decor Demon. This is vintage wallpaper in a lucky lady’s office.

Purple on furniture and ceilings. And how glamorous is purple with black?

And pink?

What a great idea to paint an armoire purple. It’s such a drastic, yet easy way to make an old fashioned piece look completely glamorous. Purple and brown…another surprisingly great color combination.

Designer Amanda Nisbet – as always a perfect room.

A chic guest room in Tommy Hilfiger’s house.

This room would not have stood out as much, had the ceiling not been purple.

White accents on purple is another nice touch.

The palest of purple.

A subtle, geometric soft purple wallpaper.

Fantastic bedroom via Full House.

Yeah that’s it…I’ve convinced myself. Something will definitely be purple in the living room.

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11 thoughts on “The Power of Purple

  1. My favorite is the Amanda Nisbet Room. I LOVE the purple linen tablecloth and the linen curtains. A glamorous color mixed with the earthy crunchiness of the linen is yummy. Thanks for sharing Jill. I am working on some purple cards now. Consider me inspired!

  2. What amuses me is whenever I find something that says "tiny" house/apartment whatever….its always twice the size of the house I live in now, with 2 sisters, and my parents!
    I agree though, its rather beautifully decorated!

  3. I'm not a huge fan of purple but all these rooms are gorgeous! thanks for helping me 'see' purple a bit differently!

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