Finally, wallpaper is going up.

While the painters are working away outside, some of the rooms inside are being wallpapered.

The TV room got a grass cloth geometric wallpaper. I wanted a subtle backdrop so the room doesn’t get too crazy when the banana leaf draperies get installed next week.


It’s a cool tribal design called Djembe by Auxabris a new wallpaper company.


I like how it looks with the cobalt blue moldings.

Now we just need the navy couch!


The other area that got a little wallpaper makeover was the hallway windows.

There are three huge windows with black shutters along the front side of the house, and they had a molding below that I thought it would be fin to do something different with.


We wallpapered with a Cole & Son wallpaper and tried to fit the pattern the best we could with the one roll we had.



At least we’ll now what direction to walk in…

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6 thoughts on “Finally, wallpaper is going up.

  1. “At least we’ll know what direction to walk in…” That’s funny.

    But on a more serious note, I’m totally digging the geometric wallpaper with the blue moldings. Can’t wait to see the rest of the room.

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