Help me pick a front door color!


Picking the front door color is harder than I thought.

The house is now white with black windows but the front doors need a color that works with a Spanish as well as mid century house. Here are some colors we are testing….

This is the kitchen door that is a few feet from….


….the main front door. They need the same color.

The frame around them will be painted black…I think.


Here are the greens and a yellow.


Royal blues and navy.


Here you can see part of the roof.

Coral didn’t work, it matched the roof too much, and bold yellow felt too mid-century.

Have any great suggestions?


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16 thoughts on “Help me pick a front door color!

  1. Hi Jill….I lean towards the green/teals. There is a color by Martha Stewart called Duck Egg I think and it is kind of a 50's blue green…..but if I had to pick a color right now it would be the second one of the left!

  2. I like either the Lucky Charm or the Yellow Linch. I think doing any of the blues may look to matchy matchy with your livingroom and the cobalt blue mouldings and bookcases.

    1. Take a long slow drive through dreieffnt neighborhoods and check out the color schemes along the way this helps in the real world Personally I like earth tones have fun!

  3. You can't go wrong with any of those colors! My favorite is "Dark Royal" followed by "Yellow Linch." Love seeing it all come together. 🙂

  4. Personally I like the 2nd, green from the top and the 2nd Blue from the top. The green is a a nod to that beautiful banana wallpaper you put in the laundry room, and I think would look fanatic with some really large emerald green glazed planters. The blue reminds me of your kitchen color. I like when there is a color story in a house. This is the first glimpse of what’s inside.

  5. I like the dark royal. It's got enough color to pop and compliments some of the darker colors on your roof. It looks like the terra cotta tile is going to limit the warmer colors. Red and pink would be awful. Have you looked at a dark plum or eggplant color?

  6. The blues stay with the interior colors you have and the yellow always plays well with blues……I'm just trying to say 'I am so NOT into the greens'.

  7. For what it's worth, my vote would be for whichever color is closest to kelly green. I think it's a nice compliment to the other colors you have going on already. Good luck!

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